Singapore Climate – consistency personified

The climate in Singapore can be described as a tropical rainforest one. It does not have any clear season as such and the temperature normally stays the same throughout the year. Other common features are high levels of humidity and lots of rainfall throughout the year.

The temperatures in Singapore normally fluctuate within 23 to 32 degrees Celsius. On an average the relative humidity of the Asian nation hovers close to 79 percent during the morning.

In the afternoons the average humidity levels come down to 73 percent. This can reach 100 percent during months when the country experiences high rainfall. The western part of the country receives more rainfall than its eastern counterpart due to the rain shadow effect.

This makes the eastern part drier and warmer than the western part of Singapore. At times this has also caused disparity in weather patterns across the various parts of the island nation. It has often been seen that Bukit Timah, a smallish hill in Singapore plays a major role in determining its weather trends.

Often a certain part of Singapore receives rainfall but the other part gets sunshine – this is a rarity given the small size of the country. The hottest months in Singapore are May and April, while the months between November and January experience the maximum amount of rainfall.

Singapore never has a uniform year round weather because it has two separate periods of rainfall. The Northeastern Monsoon is the earlier one to occur – it takes place within December and March.

The Southwestern Monsoon happens from June to September. The months without rain are normally characterized by weaker winds and lesser rainfall. The Northeastern winds are common during the first period of rainfall and the southeastern/southwestern monsoons are seen at time of the Southwestern monsoon.

During December and January cloudy conditions are prevalent with regular showers during the afternoon and wind speeds reach maximum speeds of 20 kilometers per hour. There are 1-3 days spell of moderate or heavy rainfall that occurs on a widespread basis during this time. However, during southwestern monsoon season rainfall happens during early afternoon or late morning.

Haze is a common feature during July to October – this happens primarily because of the bush fires that take place in Indonesia, which lies next to Singapore. Much of this small Asian nation’s climatic patterns result from its location with respect to the Equator. The maritime exposure is a major contributor in this regard. On an average, Singapore experiences almost 2,340 millimeters of rain per year.

Singapore Lifestyle

Singapore has been ranked in the second position on a global scale with regards to quality of living. The South Asian country is reputed for providing several facilities that make life a better experience for its residents:

a. safe environment
b. top of the line medical services
c. diverse range of housing options
d. exceptional education

Some Important Aspects of Singapore Living

An integral component of the Singapore lifestyle experience is its global accessibility. It is also blessed with a diverse telecommunications network that is well supported by up-to-date computer systems.

The public transport in Singapore features Mass Rapid Transiting services and buses that connect every part of the island nation. Despite its multiethnic nature English is used as the main language. It can be called a cosmopolitan entity in the truest sense of the term because of the substantial international community that now calls Singapore its home.

Singapore has a distinct advantage over the other major cities in Asia such as Hong Kong in offering improved lifestyle facilities to its residents. Singapore offers better lifestyle at lesser expense to working professionals than Hong Kong although the salary scale is higher in the latter city.

Singapore is also located at a strategic point in Southeast Asia, helping it gain equal access to the best in both west and east and creating an ideal combination of both.

European Interest in Singapore

Of late professionals from Europe, especially from London have been showing an avid interest in Singapore. Bankers from Switzerland have also shown eagerness in working in Singapore following the commendable performance of its wealth management sector.

Shopping in Singapore

Shopping and eating are regarded as national pastimes in Singapore. Shopping in Singapore is an absolute pleasure with a diverse range of products from designer clothing labels to hi tech electronic equipment. You would be bowled over by the sheer variety of shopping establishments available.

The ethnic shopping enclaves in Singapore comprise the local shop-houses and markets. On the other hand Orchard Road has the state-of-the-art shopping malls. Some other parts of Singapore such as Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street are also known for their products like knickknacks.

You can also visit the suburban locations in Singapore such as Holland Village, Tampines and Katong. The shops in Singapore remain open from late morning till 9:30 pm to 10 pm at night. During the festive season shopping hours can extend till midnight.

The Great Singapore Sale is a much anticipated event. It normally happens during the middle of a year and there is substantial reduction in prices of all products. Most of the shops in Singapore accept charge and credit cards, which is of great convenience for shoppers.There are many Shopping malls in Singapore that are great places for shopping.

Shopping in Orchard Road

Tourists to Singapore make it a point to visit Orchard Road as it has the finest hotels and shopping establishments in the region. Christmas is the best time for some shopping in this part of Singapore as it becomes a stunning exhibition of festive ornamentation!

When it comes to shopping Orchard Road is comparable to Tshimshatsui in Hong Kong and Oxford Street in London. It boasts of several international and local departmental stores such as Plaza Singapura and Tangin Mall.

Bargaining in Singapore

It is advisable that you bargain properly in Singapore even when a sale is not on offer. This is applicable especially for electronic stores at the leading shopping malls in Singapore such as Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza and Sim Lim Square.

The basic rule for bargaining in Singapore is to start from 70 to 75 percent of the price that has been quoted to you. Also be ready to compare prices of similar products in different shops.

Following is a list of best shopping destinations and the finest shopping establishments in Singapore:

  • Marina Bay – CityLink, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Marina Square, Suntec City Mall and Millennia Walk
  • Chinatown – Chinatown Complex, OG Department Store & People’s Park Complex, Chinatown Point & Singapore Handicraft Center and Yue Hwa Emporium
  • Clarke Quay & Riverside – Central, Liang Court, Great World City and Riverside Point
  • Harbourfront Precinct – HarbourFront Centre and Vivo City