3rd Planet of Singapore launched its 3D virtual tour

Yes!! you got it right.3rd Planet, which is the marketing company of Singapore, has brought 3D travel portal named as “Journey to Everest”.

This 3D travel portal can be downloaded also and is made with the joint efforts of 3rd Planet and Nepal Tourism. This 3D walking journey is of Durban Square in Patan,Nepal. Also this marketing company of Singapore has made 5 3D tours and that too all in Nepal.

Also the company 3rd Planet is planning to have 3D tours for all the destinations in the World that are famous and mostly visited by the tourists.

Also the pictures used in this 3D travel tour seems to be real and the sound effects are also included in order to give real experience to the users.

At present, 3rd Planet has in store hundreds of landmarks and cities for development. Terence Mak, CEO of 3rd Planet assured that there will be more 3D cities in the coming 2012.

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