Marine Bay – Destination for New Year 2012 wishes

The great initiative taken by different Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs)’s 160 participants who came to Marine Bay on 20th December 2011 and made wishes for the coming New Year 2012.The VWOs that participated include the Moral Seniors Activity Centres and Hougang Sheng Student Care Centre.

There were 20,000 special wishing spheres that were launched in Marine Bay. These 160 participants include both young and old people. Old people wished for good health and young ones wished for good scores and grades.

Marine Bay is chosen for making NEW YEAR wishes as it is also known as Bay of HOPE and LIGHT. The 20,000 wishing spheres has got the wishes for 5,00,000 Singaporeans and hence these wishing spheres will be afloat in Marine Bay in order to have awesome and creative visual arts display.

Also there will be an annual event at the end of December 2011, which is a part of Esplanade’s community engagement programme and will be for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown.

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