Starhub Singapore

Starhub is one of the fully-integrated telecommunication and Internet service providers in Singapore. They offer a broad range of telecommunication, information and entertainment solutions on personal, domestic and business areas. The company controls the fastest HSPA+ mobile network in Singapore and delivers high speed (upto 21 Mbps) download that matches its high-functioning, nationwide GSM network. They also offer island-wide HFC network that allows its customers to enjoy multichannel cable TV facilities along with HD and on-demand services.

Starhub has also made high speed broadband Internet connection available to the users. They offer a variety of Internet service packages to cater to their domestic and corporate users.The company was granted license in 1998 and it was officially launched in 2000. Since October 2004, the company is listed with the main stock exchange of Singapore.

VoIP services

The VoIP service offered by the company is known as pfingo, which is the abbreviated form of phone, freedom and Internet on the go. These services allow customers to make international calls at cheaper rates from their computers. Apart from that, pfingo also allows customers to send and receive SMS, fax, free push email and chat messages. One can create the pfingo account for free and also the calls made between pfingo users are free of cost.

“Best Dressed Building Contest” in Singapore declared its result

The winner is Orchard Central that got the title of “Best Dressed Building Contest”. This contest was organized by Orchard Road Business Association. The other three winners of this contest were Tanglin Mall, ION Orchard and TANGS@Tang Plaza. All these were awarded for their as they got succeeded in creating a greener Christmas.

Orchard Central (OC) was successful in their decorations and was able to impress the judges. OC use the combination of pink and black that was very unique. Also the shopping center as its has made a great Christmas tree and that too with 850 recycled Pink Dolphin bottles.

Assistant Director of Retail Business Group of Far East Organization, Ms Chan Iz-Lynn,told that the jury focused on the use of recycling material in the decoration material for Christmas.

In the prize, the Orchard Central will get S$80,000 in cash as award of the competition “Best Dressed Building Contest” and the rest 3 winners will get S$30,000.

3rd Planet of Singapore launched its 3D virtual tour

Yes!! you got it right.3rd Planet, which is the marketing company of Singapore, has brought 3D travel portal named as “Journey to Everest”.

This 3D travel portal can be downloaded also and is made with the joint efforts of 3rd Planet and Nepal Tourism. This 3D walking journey is of Durban Square in Patan,Nepal. Also this marketing company of Singapore has made 5 3D tours and that too all in Nepal.

Also the company 3rd Planet is planning to have 3D tours for all the destinations in the World that are famous and mostly visited by the tourists.

Also the pictures used in this 3D travel tour seems to be real and the sound effects are also included in order to give real experience to the users.

At present, 3rd Planet has in store hundreds of landmarks and cities for development. Terence Mak, CEO of 3rd Planet assured that there will be more 3D cities in the coming 2012.

Want to know why Singaporeans are benevolent?

Special care for Homeless Animals on this Christmas will be given by the people in Singapore.

Which animals fall under the category of “Homeless”?
These animals are those that have been left on streets or met with an accident.

Special care will be given to these animals by a bakery in Singapore in the form of minced fish cookies,mashed peas and chicken pies.

The people who want to make their contribution in this noble cause, can pay for these animals at The Barkery Singapore and the animal bakery which is managed by family will give them to Animal Lovers League,Action for Singapore Dogs and Zeus Communications.These three are the shelters for the animals.

Singaporeans can feel the position of the shelter dogs that they do not get the privileges as pets get. Also these animals do not have families,homes and even toys. So people there have decided to provide such animals nutritious food.

Ricky Yeo ,President of Action for Singapore Dogs, claimed that people in Singapore are benevolent enough and hence will contribute maximum on this Christmas.

Also 10 percent of the money collected for food will be given for the nourishing of shelter animals. This noble cause drive will last till end of December 2011.Kind Singapore!!!

Enjoy Shopping in Singapore on this Christmas!!!

Heavy discounts are being offered in various malls in Singapore on this Christmas. Special events are also organized for shoppers and others to enjoy every moment and feel the excitement of the coming Christmas festival.

People are going for shopping in large numbers and that too in night also. Most of the shops are decorated so beautifully and hence enhance the experience of people coming for shopping.

ION Orchard, has kept a huge Christmas tree and also arranged some great activities for the visitors. This is done to let people do shopping as well as enjoy.

It has been claimed that around 4 million people come to ION Orchard for shopping and that too in a month.People in large number are coming for shopping at Orchard Road also.

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!!

Stay connected with M1 in Singapore

M1 in Singapore is a famous telecom service provider for mobiles and fixed lines. It serves around 2 million customers in Singapore. Such a large customer base is with M1 because the company has been able to provide quality,value,customer service and innovative services to the SIngaporeans.It aims to ease the lives of its customers by connecting the people with anyone,anywhere and that too at anytime.

What are the services offered by the company?

M1 offers complete telecommunication solutions to its domestic and corporate clients. The services provided by them to the corporate clients are listed below:

  1.     Mobile
  2.     Blackberry
  3.     Business broadband
  4.     Data center services
  5.     Email solutions
  6.     Managed services
  7.     mFix
  8.     Digital voice services
  9.     International Direct Dial (IDD)
  10.     Roaming and alliances
  11.     Mobile vertical applications

The services offered by the company allow its corporate clients to enjoy easy communication, reduced rates, accessibility, networking, improved responsiveness, better customer satisfaction and loyalty, improved productivity, increased profitability, better management etc.

M1 Limited also offers a host of services to its individual customers, which includes the following:

  1.     Lower rates on prepaid connection
  2.     Free incoming calls with certain tariff plans
  3.     Better call charges for ISD calls
  4.     1box (television services powered by high speed M1 broadband that allows   customers to surf, stream and download)
  5.     Android services
  6.     Blackberry integration
  7.     iPad data plans from M1
  8.     iPhone 4 from M1
  9.     Free landline connection at residence
  10.     M1 Chubb Security Solutions
  11.     mFix solutions for smartphones
  12.     Superpac plan for free outgoing calls, Internet surfing and per second billing

Enjoy Nutcracker in Singapore!!!

By the way what is Nutcracker?
Well this is a ballet or dance group and the theme of this has been taken from fairy tale known as “The Tale of the Nutcracker” by E.T.A. Hoffman. This fairy tale is related to a child who enjoys a magical journey and that too in a fantasy world on Christmas Eve…How interesting !!!

The Nutcracker will happen from 8th December to 11th December at the Esplanade Theater.

But this year, SDT i.e. Singapore Dance Theatre is organizing the Nutcracker in a different way and that different way is that the Nutcracker will happen in an Asian Twist and hence moving the setting to Shangai from Europe.

Director of SDT,Janek Schergen,that this move of theirs will attract more people because of many Asian dancers.

This show will have many small segments which in turn will reflect the technical skills and also the beauty of dancers.

Singapore is marketing itself…Great !!!!

STB,Singapore Tourism Board, are developing campaigns in order to allure people from China to come to Singapore.

STB has also started with the campaign known as “New Discoveries” in Beijing,China and with this campaign the needs of people in China will be catered and hence this resulted in more specific marketing campaigns.

According to the research, it has been concluded that there are many people from China who visit Singapore.So STB will join hands with the three famous travel agencies in China which are Ctrip,CYTS and GZL International Travel Service and they will introduce new package holidays.This step will fall under the “New Discoveries” campaign.

Also people who have booked a packaged tour for Singapore ,now can customize their schedule and also can take the facilities of flight and accommodation services.

This unique idea of introducing Singapore to others will include countries like India,Malaysia,Indonesia,Australia apart from China.

Silver Travel Industry in Singapore

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) in order to excel in the Travel Industry.

The Humanities and Social Sciences schools of TPs will come together and join their hands in researching the requirements of older travellers.

The research process begins with the data collection ad hence the the travel companies will be contacted for this.After examining the data, the same will be shared in conferences.

The main aim is to get deep knowledge on the latest travel trends of people having age greater than 50 years and hence provide them better services according to their requirements.

Some of the results have come from US and Europe and it has been concluded that the people of age 50 and more travel more and the unfortunate point to note that they are not being catered. Travel companies make arrangements according to young generation.

Singapore – as one of the fastest ageing nations and it will be oldest by 2050, and to prove this, both NATAS and TP have joined hands and want to explore the Silver Travel Industry.

To reap the benefits of this Silver Travel Industry, NATAS will work with students of TP who have interest in travel and hence work for the growth of this industry. Also NATAS will give prizes to students who have given their best and will also provide them scholarships with training programs.

Singapore – one of the most attractive gaming market

According to sources, Singaore is expecting to earn S$ 9 billion in 2012 from casinos. From the official sources,Citi Group,the money that will be earned from casinos at Marine Bay Sands (MBS) and Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) would be around $6.9 billion in 2012 which is 13 percent more as compared to 2011.

It has been said that gaming revenue this year would leave behind the expected amount for Las Vegas.Both MBS and RWS earn a lot from casinos games. Las Vegas gaming revenue is expected to be US $ 6.2 billion.

The leader among all these is Macau which is expected to earn US $ 40 billion through gaming.

Also tourists staying in the hotels at MBS marked 98.1 percent in 2011 and the room charges have hiked 11 percent in quarter 3 as compared to previous quarters.

VIP segment has dropped to 44 percent from 44 percent in quarter 3. The net revenue for RWS is S$802 million.It is expected that Genting Singapore owned RWS will earn more in 2012 as compared to its earnings in 2011.