UMS Holdings Ltd share price hike

On 5th Dec 2011, when the UMS Holdings Limited of Singapore, which makes semi-conductor products, told that it is planning to purchase two manufacturing companies and that too for S$ 28 million, its share price shoot out drastically.

The two manufacturing companies are Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Inc and Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Pte Ltd. These companies makes systems and equipments that delivers gas.

This will help in more development of Singapore and hence enhance the lives of people there.


Singapore is ready to celebrate Christmas 2011

Singapore’s famous Orchard Road,Marine Bay and Sentosa Harbour front are famous places for celebrating Christmas.

Orchard Road,which is the shopping paradise in Singapore, has been decorated with 10,000 LED bulbs which is 36 km in length. Visitors are given blue flowers,logos related to Christmas.

Also Orchard Road is offering attractive discounts for people coming here to celebrate Christmas. Also there are about eleven malls in Orchard Road that have organized the contest of “Best Dressed Building”.

Extensive lights,music,decorations etc. makes Singapore spectacular place to visit. Also Singapore Flyer, the Helix Bridge and Esplanade are decorated with lights.

One can spend Christmas Eve on Marine Bay that allows you to enjoy the complete Singapore.Musical shows at Marine Square with 1500 strong choir group singing songs for audience.Resorts World Sentosa has the Southeast Asia’s tallest Christmas tree which is 38 meters long.

The Chronicles of Narnia – this is the exhibition that will start from 3rd December till January 2012 end at Marine Bay Sands (MBS)

Also Wicked which is Broadway’s biggest blockbuster will be performing at MBS Grand theater from 6th December 2011 to 26th February 2012.

Enjoy Christmas with Singapore

RSS Archer in Singapore

RSS Archer which is Singapore’s first Archer-class submarine, is now in operation. The same was disclosed at the Changi Naval Base by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

According to sources, 2 years ago, in Sweden also, the RSS Archer was launched. In August 2011, RSS Archer entered in Singapore and an extensive training is to be given to the crew in order to make best use of the advanced systems.

There has been a thorough examination of different systems and sea trials have been conducted in the local conditions .

This RSS Archer will increase the submarine’s efficiency and effectiveness and hence will support Singapore’s peace and stability.

Child Protection is the need of the hour in Singapore

Child Protection Review, is done to analyze internal work procedures and collaborations among multiple agencies of Child Protection Service in order to discover the strengths and challenges in child’s protection. When the results of Child Protection Review came out, one of the most important concern was noticed which is related to Child Protection.

To address this issue, the government of Singapore, is planning to set up an agency which is solely responsible for protection of children and hence support children of abuse.

This agency in Singapore will be a step ahead for other agencies looking after the society’s cases and problems.   There will be an additional service which is under development that will cater the out of home care requirements for children.

The new policies,programmes,principles etc. will be developed and followed to achieve the best results and hence save children.The inter-ministry work force will propagate this issue of child abuse and make people aware of that and make them to join the cause.

All these initiatives were recognized by Youth and Sports Halimah Yacob and Minister of State for Community Development at 15th anniversary of the National Family Violence Networking System.

Dolphins as educators!!!

Yes its true..As said by the Vice President,Peter Doyle, of Dolphins in Resorts World Sentosa’s Marine Life Park (MLP),Singapore will impart education on conservation.

The MLP will be opened in 2012 and will consist of 25 dolphins. This innovative programme will take place with the help of Resorts World Sentosa and Sea Research Foundation’s (SRF) Mystic Aquarium in the United States. It has been concluded that Mystic Aquarium has also conducted related educational programmes and marine animal research.

Famous multimedia and science programme by Sea Research Foundation and famous National Geographic Society, The JASON project, will be responsible for providing the content for the conservation programme.

Founder of this JASON project, Dr Robert Ballard, is a great oceanographer and he discovered the RMS Titanic after 70 years when it sank.

Peter Doyle,Vice President of Dolphins in Resorts World Sentosa’s Marine Life Park,has propagated about this conservation programme to about more than 250 principals and educators from around 70 schools. Also state-of-the-art animal hospitals,professionals have been arranged for this initiative.

Also development of programmes are on its way that will allow people to learn from their own experiences. As said by MLP,these programmes will be in such a manner that will enhance the developmental needs of students that are 0.5 million. Students will be put under different categories like younger students will learn about horseshoe-crab species’ conservation and older students will get to know about mangrove and mudflats habitats.

There will be unique programmes like “Researchers for the Day” in which the students will take blood samples from marine species.

Overall from this spectacular initiative, there will be more knowledge imparted towards the conservation issue and there will be better learning as compared to classroom learning where teachers will be working with MLP to decide the lessons for their classes.