Primary Care Partnership Scheme is on demand in Singapore!!!

The people of Singapore are applying for the Primary Care Partnership  Scheme in great number.

What is Primary Care Partnership  Scheme ?

With the help of this scheme, the elder people as well as the low income people in Singapore, will be able to take the advantage of the subsidized care at the private General Practitioner and the dental clinics.

In order to check the functioning of this scheme, the Minister of State for Health, Amy Khor, visited many residents and distributed the pamphlets about this scheme in order to propagate about this scheme.

According to the sources, around 2000 people have applied for this scheme and that too every month starting from August 2011.

The range of the income was doubled to S$1500 for each person in the house and the minimum age decreased to 40 from 65. These changes will take place from 15th January 2012.

The clinics that are participating in this Primary Care Partnership  Scheme, have raised by 10 percent since August 2011. In total, there are 440 GP clinics and 210 dental clinics which is a very good number.

Plans are under construction in order to seek methods so GPs get access to drugs that are inexpensive and hence the savings can be used for the patients.

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