Services of Starhub Singapore

On the domestic frontier, the Starhub company offers the following services:

Pay TV: The Pay TV services network offered by the company is considered as the largest in Singapore. It comprises international channels on news, movies, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, music, education and the like. Starhub offers 7 local free-to-air channels as well.

Residential broadband services: MaxOnline is the first unlimited broadband service offered to the domestic users. The online value-added services of the company include:

  1.     Online music portal
  2.     Online storage service
  3.     Content filtering service
  4.     E-mail service

Business solutions: A host of business services are offered by Starhub to its corporate users. A list of services offered by the company is given below:

  1.     Business Voice and IDD
  2.     Data Services
  3.     IP and Internet Services
  4.     Global Managed Services
  5.     StarHub Global Conferencing Services
  6.     International Wholesale Voice Services

Starhub SIM card for global roaming
To tackle the high cost of global roaming in Singapore, the company offers a host of interesting tariff schemes for travelers. StarHub MaxMobile Prepaid offers users mobile connectivity and uninterrupted Internet connection at a very affordable rate. The SIM card costs 12 Singapore dollars or US$ 9.40. The micro-SIM card for iPads and iPhone 4 costs SGD$ 32 or US$ 25. The SIM card services are also available to travelers even if they are staying in Singapore for a single day.

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