Singapore is marketing itself…Great !!!!

STB,Singapore Tourism Board, are developing campaigns in order to allure people from China to come to Singapore.

STB has also started with the campaign known as “New Discoveries” in Beijing,China and with this campaign the needs of people in China will be catered and hence this resulted in more specific marketing campaigns.

According to the research, it has been concluded that there are many people from China who visit Singapore.So STB will join hands with the three famous travel agencies in China which are Ctrip,CYTS and GZL International Travel Service and they will introduce new package holidays.This step will fall under the “New Discoveries” campaign.

Also people who have booked a packaged tour for Singapore ,now can customize their schedule and also can take the facilities of flight and accommodation services.

This unique idea of introducing Singapore to others will include countries like India,Malaysia,Indonesia,Australia apart from China.

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