Singapore will contribute for the people in Philippines…Kind Singapore!!!

Due to the unexpected tragedy that took place in Philippines and has affected many people, the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Mosque Committee and the Malay Muslim Community in Singapore came together and are working for the people affected by the floods in Philippines. This has again proved that Singapore is really benevolent.

This incident in Philippines, took the death of 1000 people and some are missing in places like Iligan and Cagayan in Philippines.

According to the sources, it has been found that mostly women and children were drowned in flash floods.

But how these mosques in Singapore are contributing for the people in Philippines?

Well the donation boxes will be kept from 30th December 2011 to 5th January 2012 at all the 69 mosques. Hopes are that there is huge collection on 30th December 2011 as people come in large number for the Friday Prayers.

For more information, the boxes will have the mark of “”Singapore Muslim Community’s Special Collection For Humanitarian Relief Effort in Southern Philippines”.

The collected amount will be sent to Mercy Relief which is responsible for providing help to the sufferers in Philippines.

Special note for Singaporeans that if they wish to contribute for this noble charity, they can do so in the form of cash or cheques and give the same to MUIS.

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