Starhub Singapore

Starhub is one of the fully-integrated telecommunication and Internet service providers in Singapore. They offer a broad range of telecommunication, information and entertainment solutions on personal, domestic and business areas. The company controls the fastest HSPA+ mobile network in Singapore and delivers high speed (upto 21 Mbps) download that matches its high-functioning, nationwide GSM network. They also offer island-wide HFC network that allows its customers to enjoy multichannel cable TV facilities along with HD and on-demand services.

Starhub has also made high speed broadband Internet connection available to the users. They offer a variety of Internet service packages to cater to their domestic and corporate users.The company was granted license in 1998 and it was officially launched in 2000. Since October 2004, the company is listed with the main stock exchange of Singapore.

VoIP services

The VoIP service offered by the company is known as pfingo, which is the abbreviated form of phone, freedom and Internet on the go. These services allow customers to make international calls at cheaper rates from their computers. Apart from that, pfingo also allows customers to send and receive SMS, fax, free push email and chat messages. One can create the pfingo account for free and also the calls made between pfingo users are free of cost.

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