Stay connected with M1 in Singapore

M1 in Singapore is a famous telecom service provider for mobiles and fixed lines. It serves around 2 million customers in Singapore. Such a large customer base is with M1 because the company has been able to provide quality,value,customer service and innovative services to the SIngaporeans.It aims to ease the lives of its customers by connecting the people with anyone,anywhere and that too at anytime.

What are the services offered by the company?

M1 offers complete telecommunication solutions to its domestic and corporate clients. The services provided by them to the corporate clients are listed below:

  1.     Mobile
  2.     Blackberry
  3.     Business broadband
  4.     Data center services
  5.     Email solutions
  6.     Managed services
  7.     mFix
  8.     Digital voice services
  9.     International Direct Dial (IDD)
  10.     Roaming and alliances
  11.     Mobile vertical applications

The services offered by the company allow its corporate clients to enjoy easy communication, reduced rates, accessibility, networking, improved responsiveness, better customer satisfaction and loyalty, improved productivity, increased profitability, better management etc.

M1 Limited also offers a host of services to its individual customers, which includes the following:

  1.     Lower rates on prepaid connection
  2.     Free incoming calls with certain tariff plans
  3.     Better call charges for ISD calls
  4.     1box (television services powered by high speed M1 broadband that allows   customers to surf, stream and download)
  5.     Android services
  6.     Blackberry integration
  7.     iPad data plans from M1
  8.     iPhone 4 from M1
  9.     Free landline connection at residence
  10.     M1 Chubb Security Solutions
  11.     mFix solutions for smartphones
  12.     Superpac plan for free outgoing calls, Internet surfing and per second billing

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