About Singapore Medical Council (SMC)

The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) is the statutory board that is responsible for keeping the healthcare system operative and effective in the state. It is a department under the Ministry of Health that maintains and regulates registration of medical professionals and the compulsory continuing medical education (CME) program. It’s the governing body that administers professional ethics and conducts of the medical practitioners in Singapore.

SMC offers the following services:

Becoming a registered doctor: It offers information and services to help medical professionals enroll and obtain licenses to become registered doctors in Singapore. It helps doctors in obtaining practicing certificates as mandated by the state law to practice as doctors. It is also the authoritative body that resolves appeals and disputes if a person is denied registration by the Medical Council..

Information for registered doctors: SMC operates as the one-stop destination for information required by medical practitioners regarding:

  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Restoration to the Register
  • Renewal of Practicing Certificates
  • Removal of Names from Register
  • Display of Qualifications
  • Supervisory Framework
  • Titles Approved for Use

Information for public and patients: SMC deals with the complaints registered by patients under the amended Medical Registration Act of December 2010. It receives complaints which are then reviewed and resolved by a Complaint Committee containing ten or more members. Each of such committee contains the following members to ensure proper representation of each party involved:

  • One chairman
  • One medical practitioner
  • One member of the society from non-medical background

Information for CME Providers: One can get all the necessary information regarding Continuing Medical Education from SMC. One needs to create an online account with SMC for registering for CME events and submitting attendance records. Services offered under this section are as follows:

  • Hospitals and other Healthcare Institutions information
  • Medical Societies/VWOs for CME programs
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Application for Accreditation of Local Events
  • Submission of Attendance Records


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