PM of Singapore expects more babies in this Year of Dragon

Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore, expects Singaporeans to increase the birth rate and hence allow Singapore to maintain its national identity.

As Lee Hsien Loong himself has 4 children and urged Singaporean families to grow as Singapore needs more local born babies.

He hoped that 2012 will be year for many babies. Singapore does not want to depend itself on immigration and also not want to decrease its population on a yearly basis.

As we know that the year of Dragon is very special and crucial to have a baby as only Dragon appears among the 12 animals in the Chinese Cosmic Cycle.

According to the sources, Chinese believe that babies born in the Year of Dragon, Dragon being the symbol of Ancient Emperors, will have more courage and wisdom and hence will be lucky for their families.

Also it has been seen decrease in the TFR i.e Total Fertility Rate from 1.60 babies per female in 2000 to 1.20 in 2011. The current population of Singapore is 5.2 million and out of which foreigners occupy the quarter share.

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