President’s Award for Teachers’ nominations have started in Singapore

People in Singapore can now nominate for the teachers, who have performed very well, for President’s Award for Teachers.

The Education Ministry claimed that the prize will be given at the Istana by the President on 5th September when the Teacher’s Day is celebrated.

This is the 15th year of the celebration of the President’s Award for Teachers. This award was introduced in 1998 and the motive to introduce this award was to recognize the teachers who have contributed in imparting the education and who are dedicated and hard working in their profession of making the future of young children.Till now , 50 teachers have received this award.

Point to note that the teachers who are nominated for this award must be dedicated towards their job and support learning,caring etc. of children and hence make the future if children bright in every aspect.

Also the teachers must be able to make an image of themselves that the students consider them as their role model.

One can get the nomination form from all the primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, centralized institute and MOE’s Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive.

Other way to nominate for the teachers for the President’s Award for Teachers’ is by downloading the form from the website of Academy of Singapore Teachers.

The last date for the nominations id 24 th February 2012 so HURRY and vote for the best teachers.

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