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Singapore is coming up with initiatives to help students who belong to disadvantaged backgrounds in order to provide them the facilities so they also feel the same as their peers feel.

Heng Swee Keat , the Education Minister of Singapore, claims that the plans on this initiatives will be rolled out in the meeting of the Budget.Mr Heng, decided to take such initiatives after he visited the Kheng Cheng School in Toa Payoh.He added that the key for bringing improvement in the educational system is to learn various learning profiles and to analyze the different groups of students that how they learn. After understanding the current learning styles adopted by different students, then only the teachers can mould their teaching styles in order to make students learn better.

According to the sources, the qualifying income ceiling for the Education Ministry’s Financial Assistance Scheme has been hiked to $2,500 from $1,500 per month. Hence, this will cater around 40,000 more students who belong to low income families and hence their student life and career will not be affected as every education facility will be provided to the students.

With increase in money in Education Ministry’s Financial Assistance Scheme, more money will be given to committees in Schools in order to introduce and promote more student programmes that will in turn increase their quality of life.

Also the Education Ministry will take some steps that will allow different communities to participate in order to contribute more money and skills.

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