Initiatives are taken in Singapore for commuters

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) , Singapore has decided to buy 18 North East Line (NEL) trains and 16 Circle Line (CCL)

trains in order to increase the capacity of rails in the future years.

According to the sources, the contract has been given to Alstom Transport S.A. / Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd

Consortium to procure the new CCL and NEL trains and the cost of the project is S$ 368.9 million.

Also it was decided that NEL would take only 12 new trains but now they have decided that they will take 15 traines and the delivery of the same will be done by 2015. These will hike the NEL’s capacity by around 70 percent. Also SMRT has given the contract of changing the signalling system on the North-South East-West Line (NSEWL) to Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd.The price of this contract is S$195 million.The signalling system will be a “COmmunications Based Train Control” system.

As said by the SMRT that the project will be finished in phases and trains will run at a good frequency of 100 seconds which is currently at 120 seconds. And hence the people will not have to wait for long time. Great initiative.Also the replacement work on the NSEW lines includes more than 100 kilometers of tracks .

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