Singapore has introduced the Special Employment Credit Scheme

The educators and employers in Singapore are very happy and support the plan of Government to start the Special Employment Credit and Workfare Income Supplement for graduates who are studying in SPED (Special Education) schools.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam announced about this initiative when he gave the recent budget speech.

Some students have started working in the shops or companies. Shop owners or companies provide these students training which helps them in sharpening their skills and hence will be beneficial for the future. The students are also enjoying working and some of the owners said that the students do their work with concentration and do not waste their time in talking with each other.

Officials of the company are very happy and are planning to hire more students from SPED schools. Also the Deputy Prime Minister has said that the employers who will be giving employment to the SPED students, will be given Special Employment Credit. According to the sources, the employers will get the credit of 16 percent of the employee’s wages. But the HR department of the company claims that the their focus is not on the incentives part but on the skills of the students. If the students are performing good, they will definitely would like to employ more. This programme is beneficial for the students as well as the organizations.

Also some people believe that the extension of the Workfare Income Supplement to SPED students will help students in becoming independent at such an age.

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