Singapore is taking steps for Rehabilitation

The all new medicine for Rehabilitation is very crucial and will be beneficial for many people who suffer from hip fracture, heart failure, stroke and traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.

The Minister of State for Health, Amy Khor, claimed at the First National Conference on Rehabilitation that Rehabilitation enjoys an important role in changing the functional outcomes and quality of life of the people for better.

What exactly Rehabilitation does? It allows to decrease the dependency of the patients and hence give them a chance to become the part of the community again.

Also in Singapore, two hospitals have arranged the First National Conference on Rehabilitation specially for healthcare professionals in order to get more insights on the advancements in the Rehabilitation Medicines. Dr Amy Khor announced that around 31 Rehabilitation centers have been given permission officially to meet the needs and requirements of the Rehabilitation service.

The centers which guarantee the availability of requirements like staffing, individualized care plans,needs assessment and monitoring of outcomes , will be given more subsidies from the Government. Also AIC (Agency of Integrated Care) is making plans in order to get more centers for the accreditation.

Also Singapore is planning to launch the TFC i.e. Transitional Care Facility. The first one is within Peacehaven Nursing Home.

What are TFCs? They are for the patients who needs lower intensity of Rehabilitation after they have discharged from community hospitals and before they return to their homes.

Many ministries, government agencies, acute and community hospitals and authorities in rehabilitation engineering and technologies participated in this conference.

The head and senior consultant of Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, of the Singapore’s General Hospital,Ng Yee Sien said that it has been seen growth in the rehabilitation research that includes the medication,health services,engineering services etc.

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