Benevolent Singapore…Really!!!

People’s needs are being catered to great extent by the companies, organizations and individuals in Singapore as they donated to a greater amount this time.

According to the sources, the five CDCs i.e. the Community Development Councils got S$10.9 million as a community and corporate donations in 2011. The figure is greater than 5 percent from the year 2010.

It would be great to know that the donations from Corporate has hiked to one-third of the overall donations, when compared to a Quarter in 2010.

It is interesting to know that the use of the donation is towards supporting the food drives and rice programmes for needy people in Singapore.

Also CDCs claimed that they have imparted the assistance in employment and training to around 27300 people in Singapore, which is an increase of 13 percent from 2010.

With such initiatives by CDCs, around 10,775 people searching for jobs, were placed. As the economic conditions of Singapore is improving, CDCs claimed that it has become easy to get a job easily for a person who is possessing the right skills.

Around 69,600 applications were received by CDCs in order to get the financial assistance, which is an increase of 14 percent from 2010.

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