MoU between Singapore and C40

Singapore has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) in order to participate with the International climate action group and will act as an Observer City.

According to the sources, the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) told that Singapore has been invited to be a part of the C40 as Singapore has got many achievements and has proved itself in attaining the Economic Growth and Environment Sustainability.

Also C40 has shown interest in the Singapore’s land transport and water management. It has been claimed that Singapore will be participating as an OBSERVER as it has unique things in itself as a city and will not participate in the communiqu├ęs that will be issued by the C40 group.

Both Singapore and C40 group will focus on the ways in order to reduce the emission of the Green house gas in the World and hence will support the measures, ways and ideas to prevent the impact of climate changes.

There will be 58 cities in the C40 group and some of them are Seoul, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, Sao Paulo, New York, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Jakata, Berlin etc.

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