Singapore – Smart Business City

Yes you read it write!!! The famous Jurong Lake District will allow Singapore to become a good business place as Singapore gives good municipal services, promote engagement among citizens and most important, it use the precious resources optimally for the benefit of the country.

Also Singapore has been chosen as a Recipient of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant for 2012.

What is Smarter Cities Challenge? Well it is a challenge that had been started in 2011 and covers 100 cities and the challenge costs US$50 million.

The top management and experts of IBM come together and study the local urban issues and then make recommendations on such issues in order to improve the conditions.

The EDB (Economic Development Board), URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) and the other agencies who are partners of IBM, will work with the experts of IBM.

Also the experts will change the Jurong Lake District into a sustainable, smart and connected high density district.

Jurong Lake District is a 360ha place in West Singapore and is expected to support the Economic Growth of the Singapore in the coming 10-15 years.

Also the Jurong Lake District will make use of the resources efficiently, land optimization and increase the quality of life of the workers , residents and visitors.

Singapore is known for innovative solutions to the problems.

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