Tobacco – free Young Generation in Singapore is the need of the hour

How sweet is have an upcoming generation free from Tobacco, various medical practitioners and
researchers have started a campaign in order to propagate the harmful effects of Tobacco and hence keep the
generation away from tobacco.

The movement is also the first one for the Singapore’s two medical schools – the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and
the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

The campaign will focus on children who are below 12 years of age or those children born after January 2000.The main goal is to aware the children about the harmful effects of the Tobacco and hence prevent them from even lighting up the cigarettes.

According to the results of the searches, it has been found that the children of age 12 to 13 years start smoking.Despite of the fact that the cigarettes can be sold to the people of age greater than 18 years.

Also it has been found that the fashion of smoking among the youngsters in Singapore of age 18 to 29 years, has seen
33 percent hike from 2004 to 2010.

Koong Heng Nung, Associate Professor, Head of Surgical Oncology at the National Cancer Centre, claimed that his team
will cover many schools and International audience as and when the campaign will gain attraction.

There are many campaigns that are running in Singapore for current smokers but what makes this campaign different is
that there is an extra focus on the gap that has not been looked into by anybody yet. With this movement, the focus
will not be the youth of Singapore only but all the youngsters in the World.

The students who are doing a medical course, will be organizing a Young Summit for upper primary and lower secondary

Also they will give the proposals to the delegates who belong to different countries at the 15th World Congress on
Tobacco or Health from March 21 to 24 and also will sell the collar pins and car decals in order to raise funds for
this noble cause.

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