Singapore Laws – Myth and Truth

Singapore is a great place to be. When you hear about Singapore being the cleanest city in the world with lowest crime rates, you sure feel like settling down in such a haven. But would you like to make Singapore your home if you knew that spitting here can put you in prison? Would Singapore still be so attractive if you were grabbed for chewing gum? Well, do not worry, Singapore is not that bad, although the laws here stricter than the laws in many other countries in the world. Read on below to find out which laws of Singapore actually exist and those which are utter rubbish.

Prison for chewing gum

Well, you will not actually be jailed for eating gum, although you will have to shell out some money as fine. There are several places in Singapore where there are signs specifically asking people not to eat gum. There are certain rules. You cannot carry large quantities of gum, cannot sell it on the streets or stick the chewed gum in public places. You are also not allowed to spit gum on the street. Breaking these rules results in a penalty and it is not jail.

Fine for jaywalking

This one is true. If you jaywalk, you are fined. Although there are a lot of rumors about jaywalkers getting a jail term, that is a gross exaggeration. You might be fined up to $1000 for jaywalking.

Drugs will take you to the death chamber

Drugs can take you to the death chamber in Singapore. However, not all drug users who are caught get the chair, although they do land up in jail. A person caught in the possession of drugs which he intends to sell gets the noose. The punishment also depends on the kind and quantity of drugs that a person is caught with.

If you do not flush after using the toilet, you are banned from using public washrooms

If you need an example of how a fact can be twisted, you should read the above sentence again. In Singapore, if you do not flush the toilet after use, you are fined and the penalty can be up to $200. The police here are not so heartless as to ban you from using public toilets. The smart and tech savvy government of Singapore has now installed sensor flushes which automatically flush the contents in the toilet bowl. Before the sensors were installed, police actually checked public restrooms!

If you are convicted of littering the roads three times, you have to clean roads on a Sunday wearing a T-shirt which reads “I am a litter lout”

Hilarious, but this law is very much true. Although you do not find a lot of people wearing the “I am a littering lout” T shirt in Singapore, the law does exist. Some people claim that the litter louts are forecasted on the evening news in the television. Now, that is stretching the truth a bit too much. You will not come on the television but you have to pay monetary penalty.

There are several other funny laws in Singapore, which are not myths. For example, you cannot walk around your own home in the nude. It carries a fine. Also, if you pee in the elevator, you pay a fine. Some laws make sense. Pornographic stuff is banned. Smoking in public places is illegal. No vehicle is allowed to come within 50 meters of pedestrian crossing on the road.

It is probably due to these seemingly silly laws that a lot of myths have come up. The funniest one which takes the cake and which is taken seriously by a lot of people is this – Farting in public carries a fine of $500! This one is really a myth.

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