Singapore Night Safari

Night Safari is the world’s first Wildlife Park to be visited at night. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Singapore. This 40 hectares park was opened on 23rd May 1994 and was built at a cost of S$63 million. The park hosts more than 1040 animals form over 120 endangered and rare species. On an average the park welcomes about 1.1 million visitors per year.
Some Basic Facts about the park:

  • The park is run, developed and operated by Singapore Zoological Gardens.
  • The natural hilly terrain of the park has not been touched, and areas which has to be replenished has been planted with hundred of trees.
  • The 90% of animals present here are in their nocturnal environment (completely natural). Animals are separated from visitors by natural barriers not by cage.
  • The animals on display are the majestic seladang or gaur, the Indian rhinoceros, bharal or blue sheep, ghavial or fish-eating crocodile, the African serval and the highly attractive bongo.
  • Night animals are illuminated by artificial light that replicate the moonlight.
  • The park is divided into eight geographical zones, which can be easily covered by foot or by tram. One can cover 41 exhibits on foot and 18 on tram.
  • The 45-minute tram ride convers 3.2 kms. These are stops along the way to admire magnificent panoramic views of the reservoir, tree-studded hillslopes and grassy plains.
  • Winding 2.8km through the jungle, walkways allow visitors to get closer to animals not easily seen from the tram, such as smaller cat families and primate like the loris.


  • Creatures on the Night Show
  • Himalayan Foothills
  • Nepalese River Valley
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • The Thumbuakar cultural show

Things to take care while visiting the Park:

  • Carry a raincoat or umbrella with you because the park is situated in Secondary Rainforest where it can get rainy anytime.
  • Because of the nocturnal environment, the place is full of parasites and insects so carry Insect repellent with you.
  • Also cover your body with full clothes and shoes.
  • Wear Light clothes and not the denims while travelling because place in quite hot and humid.
  • Always carry drinking water with you to keep your body hydrated.

In all you can afford to miss anything else in Singapore but not the Singapore Night Safari. You will regret for lifeā€¦!

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road

By Taxi:
The fare for a trip starting in the city should be about S$15-25.

Admission Charges:
Adult, S$32; Child, S$21.

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