Amusement Parks in Singapore

Among the other fun places, the amusement parks in Singapore continue to be a major source of tourist attractions. There are lots of bird sanctuaries, nature areas and night parks in Singapore. The amusement parks in Singapore are dispersed throughout the city at convenient locations. A major merit with the amusement parks in Singapore is that they offer tons of knowledge about wildlife of the particular area. Valuable updates on history and geography are also gained through them.

Some of the Important Amusement Parks in Singapore are:

Singapore Marina City Park

It is situated at Marina South and is the ideal spot for a family vacation. A magnificent view of the skyline of the city is an added advantage of this park. The infinite ocean also stretches out for miles as far as the eye can see. The park entrances are situated in Marina Boulevard.

Escape Theme Park

The cool and thrilling rides at the Escape Theme Park promise to provide the tourists with an unforgettable experience. One of the most sought after amusement parks in Singapore, it has both dry as well wet rides for the adventure lovers. The players who enjoy splashing round in the water even while being tossed round or turned upside down on the rides would definitely enjoy the wet rides.

If it’s some heart stopping adventures that you desire, try out the wilder rides like Rainbow, Inverter and the Revolution. The real dare devils who simply love to be in the midst of an adrenaline rush can go on Alpha 8. This ride is probably not meant for the weak hearted because it speeds through some sharp turns and twists.

To reach the Escape Theme Park, board the free shuttle buses that commence from eight forty five in the morning onwards. It is located at Pasir Ris Road.

Snow City

If you are tired to death and looking for a way to beat the scorching heat, Snow City is the place to be. Skiing down a snowy slope sounds like a cool way to ward off the heat and enjoy oneself in the process. Other such adventure sports are snow tubing and snowboarding. Of course where there is snow, snowballs would automatically come into the picture. Fighting with your friends and pelting them with snowballs add to the fun element.

If the tourists are interested in enhancing their knowledge, they can learn about the survival techniques in the bitter cold weather and the method by which snow is formed. This place has a snow centre that is permanent and based indoors. The real snow is created with the help of special guns.

Fantasy Island

The tourists can drop in at Fantasy Island if they wish to get away from the horrible heat that visits Singapore at times. Jump into the refreshingly cool waters of this theme park which is based on the Sentosa Island. There are lots of water rides and river rafts to make your day fun. Visit and enjoy the amusement parks in Singapore today.

Preservance of Monuments in Singapore

Need of preserving monuments

Monuments are the property of a nation as a whole and it is the responsibility of the nation and its citizens to safeguard and maintain them to live longer than their life. For every country, monuments form the most important part of preserving its ancient culture while promoting tourism around the world. Most of the monuments were built in ancient times and form the image of the country’s cultural, historic, traditional and archaeological importance and are of national significance. In Singapore, the preservation of monuments is officially done by the preservation of Monuments Board (PMB).

The Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB)

The Preservation of Monuments Board in Singapore is a national authority that is responsible to safeguard and preserve the national monuments of Singapore. This body was formed in 1971. The basic job of the PMB is to plan and research so as to extend the knowledge of the monuments to the visitors, while also helping to restore, preserve and protect the national monuments. While this is the basic work of the PMB, it also works towards promoting its monuments for tourism and increasing awareness among international and national tourists. It is also a responsibility of the Board to act as an advisory to the Government in matters that concern the preservation of the monuments. While the PMB does its regular job, it is also involved in identifying more monuments across the country which are worth preserving.

The task

Preservation of monuments is not an easy job for the PMB. The task of preservation involves lot of care as it is a matter of national importance and sentimental value. It is the responsibility of the board to make sure that the repair, maintenance and the restoration work is done carefully so as to not damage any of their historic or heritage value. An authority called the Monument Inspectorate was established a few years back by the government of Singapore to evaluate and monitor the state of the monuments. The inspectorate also needed to assist the PMB in advising and aiding for the conservation and repair of these historic structures. This task is done by appointing various departments so that the job is done to perfection. The job is divided based on the field of work such as operations, research and of maintaining an organized database. These jobs are done by monument inspectors and architectural consultants. The technical operations involve periodic visit and inspection of all monuments, technical support and consultancy in the restoration process and contingency inspection.

Research for new monuments

A lot of research is required for the job of preserving monuments in any country. In Singapore, a lot of care is taken while education is imparted to understand the importance of preservation. It is also important for the team to research potential monuments that can be considered for national importance. The research work involves understanding the story and its heritage value behind any potential structure.

Government and People

To restore any monument or historic building is a challenge for its nation and it involves lot of expertise, time and capital to maintain it. It also depends on the nation’s policy as to how much importance is given to its national heritage. Singapore and its people are lucky to have a government that supports its heritage and values the culture and significance of its origins. It is also important that along with the authorities, the people of the country cooperate in preserving their national treasure and take care that no harm is caused to their national property.

There are numerous monuments in Singapore such as Caldwell House, numerous churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and museums. The efforts made by the government are really praiseworthy. Singapore knows the importance of its culture and strives to uphold it.

Top 10 restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations in South East Asia and one of the friendliest cities ever. It can offer you a great combination of cultural diversity, modern infrastructure and of course great cuisine. Wherever you are in Singapore, you can find a good restaurant as the people of Singapore love to cook, eat and serve. You can find a whole range of cuisines from South East Asian, Lebanese, Indian, French, Italian, and more. Here is a list of the top 10 restaurants in Singapore.

  1. Iggy’s

    Iggy’s restaurant offers a range of European, Asian and Fusion food and is located near the famous Orchard road. It offers a set lunch tasting menu which is a gastronomical delight for connoisseurs of food. The restaurant offers a varied menu for dinner and also customizes meals for vegetarian customers.

  2. Sam at Forest

    Sam at forest is named after Sam Leong, Singapore’s original celebrity chef who also owns a culinary salon in Chinatown. The food is as good as the inspiration behind it.

  3. Fifty Three

    It is a famous for its South East Asian delicacies like fried chicken oysters and soy powder. It is located on Armenian street and popularly known for its chef Michael Han. It is nestled in a double storey shophouse belonging to the1930s. The hotel is done in contemporary interiors and serves nature based cuisines.

  4. One Rochester

    This is one of the favorite gastrobar of Singapore, located at Rochester park area. It offers a pristine garden ambience and great interiors offering exquisite home dining experience with its mouth watering al a carte and communal menus.

  5. Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra

    Punjab Grill is one of the most famous Indian restaurants of Singapore. Located near the Marina Bay, if offers a great five-course meal for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. Try this place for spicy and finger licking Indian food.

  6. iL Cielo

    Located on Orchard Road, iL Cielo is set beside the 24th storey rooftop of The Hilton Hotel. It is a quiet and romantic place to spend a splendid evening with your loved one. The famous preparations of this place are the burrata cheese with Tuscan olive oil served with fresh seasonal greens and cherry tomatoes. You also get a Roman pizza with lobster and caviar dressing. The pizza is especially famous for being almost wafer thin and is extremely savory.

  7. The Clifford

    The Clifford restaurant is set inside the Fullerton Bay Hotel, is famous for its Sunday brunch. You can enjoy the truffle oyster shooters, crepes suzette while enjoying the view of the skyscrapers outside the glass window panes. A dinner can also be a great experience with great food and great view to enjoy.

  8. Level 33

    Level 33 is located on the top floor of marina bay financial center. Diners look forward for seats that are set under the open air terrace. It is famous for its snacks such as fish and chips, strip loin with roasted garlic and wasabi.

  9. Barnacles

    One of the best restaurants while getting soaked in the South China Sea is the Barnacles. It is an open hut like restaurant where you can enjoy the cool and fresh breeze of the ocean while having a sumptuous Sunday brunch. You must visit this place if you love sea food and must try the sea food platter. You can taste fresh oysters from the sea, poached prawns, juicy black mussels, and rockfish soup along with grilled beef, pork sausages and jumbo prawns.

  10. Sky on 57
    Sky on 57 is located on the top floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and gives a 270 degree view of the city’s skyline. You can enjoy mouthwatering delights such as Maine lobster done in black pepper sauce, gras studded xiao long bao and delicious deserts with the favorite being, pandan flavored macaroon.

Have a mouth watering visit !!