Fashionable Singapore

Singapore is becoming one of the world’s most popular fashion hubs. It is but natural for this to happen, considering the range of apparel and accessories available here. Also, Singapore has a host of locals and foreigners ready to invest in fashion. As a result, designers from all over the world and Singapore itself put up fashion shows regularly. These shows feature world class designs and fabrics and are meant to appeal to both class and mass. There are fashion shows all year long in Singapore where latest trends in leading fashion houses are showcased under one roof.

It is true that Singaporeans are becoming very fashion conscious. Both men and women take equal interest in looking good and presenting themselves in the best possible manner. As a result, there is a ready market available for designers in Singapore. This has given way to many fashion shows like the Audi Fashion Festival, the Asian Fashion Exchange, the Fashion Season Orchard and many more. These shows feature international designers like Vera Wang and local designers like All Dress It Up. These shows are held to accelerate the progress of the fashion industry in Singapore.

There are two extremely famous fashion shows that happen in Singapore –

The Singapore Fashion Festival:-
The Singapore Fashion festival was started in 2001 and has been growing into a larger event each year. In 2009, it was replaced by the Audi Fashion Festival. However the following year, the festival was re-launched as the Asian Fashion Exchange. This event is almost four weeks long and usually has designers showcasing their Spring-Summer collections. It not only features clothing and accessories but also fashion luxuries like perfumes. The event is promoted by the Singapore Tourism Board. The extravagant event is the sole reason for converting Singapore into the South East Asian fashion capital.

The Singapore Fashion Week:-
The Singapore Fashion Week is another major fashion event. In 2011, the Women’s Fashion Week held in October became one of the first fashion weeks outside Paris to feature women’s haute couture. The Men’s Annual Fashion Week by Vogue is extremely popular in Singapore and is one of the favorites of those into men’s fashion. This is a seven day long event where designers hold presentations along with traditional fashion shows to promote respective brands. All leading brands make an appearance in this event to promote their work. The Singapore Fashion week is one of the most colorful and vibrant fashion events in Asia.

In Singapore it is not just about showcasing garments and fabric on the ramp. Fashion shows are meant to bring all possible art forms together to promote fashion among Singaporeans. Latest stagecraft technology like 3D projections are employed to create a larger-than-life experience for all those who witness these festivals. In addition to that, the festivals are made more exciting with film screenings, flea markets and the likes. These festivals held in Singapore allow even design students to come forward and present their work. The fashion events are meant to create opportunities and inspire upcoming designers so that new ideas can pour into the fashion industry of Singapore and make the whole community flourish.

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