Christmas in Singapore

Below listed are some places where Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Orchard Road
Christmas in Singapore is amazingly festive and gala time for its citizens. The congregation starts thronging the prominent places with the decorated trees all over, right since the mid-November. Orchard Road Christmas Light-up is the most enjoyable and pleasant feature of the Christmas in Singapore. It’s been almost three decades since Orchard Road is being decorated with electric lights giving it a look of a fairyland. You will find beautiful and tall Christmas trees allover and multicolor ornaments adding to the glitz of the place. It’s a place where locals and tourists can’t resist themselves from singing and dancing on Christmas.

People prefer to come here again and again according to a regional tourist survey. For people from Northern hemisphere, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy Christmas. Singapore is a tropical island and it’s hot and humid, so you can also enjoy ice creams and other cold drinks on this occasion. There is also no need to wear overcoats and woolen clothes; you will find it much comfortable to roam in your shorts and tees.

In 2011 alone, around 7 million visitors thronged Marina Bay and Orchard road. This prominent road has also been awarded the Merit Award for Events and Programming by the International Downtown Association for the glitzy decorations of the road during Christmas in 2011.

Sentosa Harbour Front
Sentosa, the erstwhile home to world famous Fantasy Island, is also home to Christmas celebration at harbor front. Not only it offers thrilling decorations, but it’s a place where several programs are organized by harbor front center. The other organizers include Mount Faber Leisure Group, Sentosa. Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and VivoCity also turn the Island into a paradise of entertainment on Christmas.

The entire lighting is controlled by a single switch and the lights dance in synch during this season. The Christmas village, grand Xmas trees and Santa along with his reindeers is a visual delight for the visitors.The orchestras and party venues set the island on fire with amazing musical programs and entertainment shows.

Marina Bay
Marina Bay malls and theaters such as Theatres on the Bay, CityLink Mall, Esplanade, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Marina Square, Millenia Walk, and Suntec City Mall announce a grand promotion extravaganza with the prizes worth thousands of Singapore dollars. It includes dining and shopping vouchers to be awarded on the shopping spends of the visitors. Marina bay Sands is also home to the Santa Claus the Musical, a delightful Christmas adventure by Annie. The performances come with live orchestra and special effects making it even more glamorous.

There are around up to 15 meters tall Xmas trees, and you feel dwarfed in front of them. The glowing stars give them a mesmerizing look. They will simply wake up the child in you. Tanglin Mall decorations also attract adults and children alike. Shipping hours are extended here to enable you to visit and shop from the glitzy shops. You can also get great offers and discounts during the festive period. Plus you get a heavy dose of musical entertainment, concerts and dining opportunities.

Singapore Army: One of the Best Armies in the entire Far East

Need of a sophisticated army

Singapore army is also known as the Singapore Armed Forces or SAF. Under ministry of defence Singapore, it is the part of total defence of the republic. Just like other countries it also comprises of land, sea and air divisions viz Singapore Army, Singapore Air Force and Singapore Navy. The strength of regular recruits to its armed forces is around 75,000 and reserve personnel can mobilize around 3.5 lakh additional recruits.

Singapore is strategically located on the southern tip of Malay Peninsula of Malaysia and is a rich coastal town of South East Asia. It’s also very near to Australia. That’s the reason colonial powers and local settlers both tried to capture the city state’s assets. Modern Singapore was basically founded and developed by the British, who were looking to colonize a safe haven in South East Asia against their European rivals, the Dutch. So, during the period before World War I and II, Singapore served the military interests.

History of SAF

The SAF originated from a British armed division called as SSVF in 1920. Prior to this it was referred to as Singapore Volunteer Artillery, which was constituted in 1890. It still serves the artillery division of SAF. SSVF also participated in famous World War II, but aggressive Japanese military crushed this army. In 1948, SSVF was reorganized and was included in the military of the city state. In 1961, when SAF was constituted, it was also transferred to SAF. After the independence of the city state, the government established a much organized military with the help of Israel. They also trained their troops in the jungle combat to counter the challenge from the neighborhoods. Singapore procured modern army tanks even before its sleeping neighbors had it.

Modernization of SAF

Britain evacuated Singapore completely in 1971 and then the era of consolidation of military began here. SAF Day is held on 1st of July every year in Padang. Singapore army has 3 combined divisions, two reserve divisions and three additional divisions to protect the Island nation. The Air Force is also very advanced and it has 17 squadrons. Navy operates from 2 bases and comprises of 8 squadrons.

Hierarchy in Singapore military

The top military commander is called the Chief of Defence Force (CDF), which is equal to Lieutenant General Rank. The chiefs of all the three subdivisions of military, i.e. generals of navy, air force and army report to CDF. The Military Intelligence Organization, the Joint Operations and Planning Directorate, the Joint Logistic Department, the Joint Manpower Department, and the Foreign Military Liaison Branch support CDF to act in coordination to counter internal and external threats. The special operations task force along with its supporting units undertakes the task of securing the nation against the terror threats.

Technologies used by Singapore Army

The SAF uses “force multipliers” technology that helps its various units to act in a synchronized manner. Advanced networks integrate all the three units of the SAF for organized attacks. The state of the art integration technologies make SAF a IIIrd generation combat force. Just on the pattern of Israel, technology replaces the headcounts in the military in Singapore. It is one of the biggest spenders in the entire ASEAN as far as defence budget is concerned. It spends heavily on R&D of its defence systems, weaponry and platforms. SAF has amazing urban combat capabilities.