Sports in Singapore

Have a lifetime’s fun

For people who love adventure, recreational activities and extreme sports, Singapore is a paradise.  If you want a little respite from the boring schedule of work, you can program a trip to Singapore, which I think is the world’s leading destination, when it comes to unwinding yourself.  Whether, it is skyrocketing, extreme sports for your adrenaline rush, or simple rope gliding in Sentosa Island, Singapore is fun to explore.

Singaporeans are not only the fastest walkers on the planet, but they are also sports lovers and adventure freaks. There are countless world class facilities and places where you can enjoy these sports. You can also ski in the “Snow City” in Singapore, which is an artificially made ice-skating rink in the hot tropical island state.

Adrenaline rush for thrill seekers

There are lots of exhilarating opportunities in Singapore for the people, who would like to get their adrenaline rushing, which include skateboarding, rock climbing, gliding on an aerial rope course in Sentosa, and enjoying a freefall simulator. 

Sports and adventure at Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is the hub of such activities. It’s just five minutes drive from the downtown area and can be reached through cable car from a station at Harbourfront Tower II and it’s the most fun way to reach this island. You can reach the island on foot through boardwalk enjoying lush green landscapes and natural beauty.  You can also take public transport such as MRT (rapid metro service), Sentosa Express monorail or a public bus. You can also drive a car or taxi to the island of Sentosa.

Sentosa offers you plethora of activities related to sports, which are meant for every age group. Imbiah is also such an attraction that is full of thrill, where you can enjoy a ride on Skyline Luge Sentosa. Sentosa is a treasure house of nature, where Insect Kingdom and Butterfly Park are rich with lush green nature and you will certainly enjoy walking the trails over here. You can also take a guided tour of Sentosa Nature Discovery. If you love beach volleyball, then Siloso Beach is your ideal destination. If you love water sports and playing with the waves, then you can head towards the Wave House Sentosa, which becomes even more spectacular at night, when you will enjoy the melody of the ocean and dancing waves.

Ski off

SKI 360° is the cable Ski Park of Singapore, where fun is not restricted to age. You can enjoy various water sports over here, which are adventurous as well as recreational. These water sports include water skiing, surfing and wakeboarding. The other facilities available at SKI 360° are cable wakeboarding and cable skiing. In this wonderful sport, you will ride the waves using an overhead cable rather a boat. The maximum attainable speed through the cable is 60kmph, which is nearly equal to the fastest boat. This sport does not require paying a boat rental and you won’t have to wait in the queue. The other sports in this arena are trick-skiing and kneeboarding.  In kneeboarding you float on a board, whereas in trick-skiing, you would have to perform tricks.

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