Wildlife in Singapore

A wonderful tropical ecosystem of wildlife

Though the planners and smart administrators have developed the Island state into a multistory cosmopolitan city, all around this jungle of concrete is scattered a haven of wildlife with wonderful and rare species thriving in the midst of rich flora and fauna. The tropical rainforests and wetlands provide a treat for the eyes and senses. The gardens and parks are specially landscaped showcasing the local vegetation and flowers at key locations, where you can also have a panoramic view of the city. The nature reserves are planned not only to preserve the rarest species of the area, but also to entertain the visitors. If you want to take one further step into this amazing world, you can visit Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Sanctuary and Night Safari, where you will be face to face with some of the most dangerous beasts of our planet.

Marine Life Park: the largest oceanarium on the planet

If you want to enjoy the spectacular and rich marine life of our oceans, Marine Life Park offers you an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time.  SEA Aquarium is the largest aquarium here and it’s also the largest in the entire globe. If you love aquatic adventures, you can explore some fun at Adventure Cove Waterpark. To further explore marine life, discover various options available at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore!

River Safari Singapore

In Singapore, you will get a lifetime chance to explore the wildlife park based on river theme with almost eight river habitats, giving you exposure to rare animals and birds.  River creatures such as salamander, river otter and a giant variety of catfish etc. are found at this River Safari.  In the river habitats, you can enjoy strolling in the freshwater galleries. There are more than 300 species of these rare aquatic and dry-land creatures here.

Night Safari, Singapore

This is first of its kind of wildlife Night Park in the world and it offers a sensational experience to visit the wild in the night, where you can watch the animals roaming as if there are in their natural habitat, hunting and grazing in this big park. There are around 1100 animals out there. The entry fee for an adult is $35 and for a kid it’s $25.

Singapore Zoo

You will be hypnotized with this unique “Open Concept,” where you’ll be able to touch the animals roaming freely in their habitats. Over 3000 animals include Asian elephants, mouse deer, lemurs, fruit bats, orangutans and large mammals. You can also see the largest butterfly dome in the world here.

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

With around 400 species of birds and 5000 birds, this is the superlative bird park on the planet.  Spread over 20 hectare of land, it includes different varieties of birds from African wetlands, Asia, waterfalls birds including hawks and falcons. At the Penguin Coast, you can learn about the birth of the penguins.  Your kids will enjoy it the most as they can also familiarize themselves with lifecycle of birds at the Avian Hospital, where thousands of birds are bred.  

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