Birds Park in Singapore

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park was inaugurated in 1971 and it is the biggest bird park in the entire Asia.  It is spread over an area of 20 hectare along the hillside.  It houses more than 400 species and a total of 5000 birds.  This park is primarily aimed at conservation an exhibition of birds maintaining their natural habitats.  These natural habitats are inspired from different parts of the world, where these species of the birds are brought from.
This bird park provides ample exposure and knowledge of the avian world to the wildlife enthusiasts through different activities such as interactive encounters, bird feeding, bird shows, and other global events that attract around 1 million visitors every year.


Jurong Bird Park also houses the largest lory flight aviary, which is spread over 3000 sq mt and is around nine stories high.  You can walk in to his aviary which has 15 colorful species of lory and get the opportunity to feed these beautiful birds.
The other highlights of this Bird Park are Macaw Island, Penguin Coast, the hornbill and toucan exhibit, Heliconia Repository, African Waterfall Aviary and Flamingo Lake.  This is one of the rarest bird parks in the entire Asia, which has an avian hospital.  It also has a breeding and research Institute that takes care of the welfare and promulgation of birdlife, with special emphasis on rescued birds. 
Birdz of Play, is meant for children for fun and play.  It is a place that they can enjoy splashing in wet and dry zones.

Singapore Zoo

It is consistently been ranked as one of the most beautiful places in the world for many decades as far as the settings and ambience is concerned, where you can spot freely roaming animals in their natural habitats.  It is spread over more than 25 hectares and houses more than 3000 animals and 350 species.

In 2008, Singapore Zoo was awarded the Singapore Tourism Award, for the ninth time as the best place for leisure experience.
As a major tourist attraction, Singapore Zoo attracts around 2 million visitors per year.  With enhanced service quality and offers, this is truly a world class tourist attraction.


Singapore Zoo has many attractions which are unique in the world, such as the free ranging orangutan habitat, which charismatic apes.  You will find these apes in their natural surroundings here and experience proximity with these species on a raised boardwalk.
The other attractions of these new include the Elephants of Asia, Australian Outback, the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and Fragile Forest.  These natural habitats offer very good educational experience.

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