RSS Archer in Singapore

RSS Archer which is Singapore’s first Archer-class submarine, is now in operation. The same was disclosed at the Changi Naval Base by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

According to sources, 2 years ago, in Sweden also, the RSS Archer was launched. In August 2011, RSS Archer entered in Singapore and an extensive training is to be given to the crew in order to make best use of the advanced systems.

There has been a thorough examination of different systems and sea trials have been conducted in the local conditions .

This RSS Archer will increase the submarine’s efficiency and effectiveness and hence will support Singapore’s peace and stability.

Child Protection is the need of the hour in Singapore

Child Protection Review, is done to analyze internal work procedures and collaborations among multiple agencies of Child Protection Service in order to discover the strengths and challenges in child’s protection. When the results of Child Protection Review came out, one of the most important concern was noticed which is related to Child Protection.

To address this issue, the government of Singapore, is planning to set up an agency which is solely responsible for protection of children and hence support children of abuse.

This agency in Singapore will be a step ahead for other agencies looking after the society’s cases and problems.   There will be an additional service which is under development that will cater the out of home care requirements for children.

The new policies,programmes,principles etc. will be developed and followed to achieve the best results and hence save children.The inter-ministry work force will propagate this issue of child abuse and make people aware of that and make them to join the cause.

All these initiatives were recognized by Youth and Sports Halimah Yacob and Minister of State for Community Development at 15th anniversary of the National Family Violence Networking System.

Dolphins as educators!!!

Yes its true..As said by the Vice President,Peter Doyle, of Dolphins in Resorts World Sentosa’s Marine Life Park (MLP),Singapore will impart education on conservation.

The MLP will be opened in 2012 and will consist of 25 dolphins. This innovative programme will take place with the help of Resorts World Sentosa and Sea Research Foundation’s (SRF) Mystic Aquarium in the United States. It has been concluded that Mystic Aquarium has also conducted related educational programmes and marine animal research.

Famous multimedia and science programme by Sea Research Foundation and famous National Geographic Society, The JASON project, will be responsible for providing the content for the conservation programme.

Founder of this JASON project, Dr Robert Ballard, is a great oceanographer and he discovered the RMS Titanic after 70 years when it sank.

Peter Doyle,Vice President of Dolphins in Resorts World Sentosa’s Marine Life Park,has propagated about this conservation programme to about more than 250 principals and educators from around 70 schools. Also state-of-the-art animal hospitals,professionals have been arranged for this initiative.

Also development of programmes are on its way that will allow people to learn from their own experiences. As said by MLP,these programmes will be in such a manner that will enhance the developmental needs of students that are 0.5 million. Students will be put under different categories like younger students will learn about horseshoe-crab species’ conservation and older students will get to know about mangrove and mudflats habitats.

There will be unique programmes like “Researchers for the Day” in which the students will take blood samples from marine species.

Overall from this spectacular initiative, there will be more knowledge imparted towards the conservation issue and there will be better learning as compared to classroom learning where teachers will be working with MLP to decide the lessons for their classes.

Why Singapore is more competitive?

Singapore’s investment in Research & Development (R&D) sector has increased the competitiveness of Singapore among its competitors like India,China etc.

Also this has led to hike in creation of quality jobs in Singapore’s companies and also diversified the economy and hence made Singapore more adaptive and stimulating towards global conditions and changes.Due to this, the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien, will continue to invest in R&D and will increase the budget of R&D expenditure to 3.5 percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 2015.

In 2009, money spent on R&D was $6 billion which was 2.28 percent pf GDP. With continuous growth in investment in R&D sector , emphasis is more on innovations and making the life of the people simple and easy.

To do the same,collaboration of strengths,positive points of various universities and research institutes in basic research will be done. For instance, Procter & Gamble, which produces consumer related products is joining hands with A*STAR in order to develop latest technologies for its products across the World.

Lao Airlines from Vientiane enters Singapore

On 28th November 2011, Lao Airlines from Vientiane was welcomed in Singapore at the Singapore Changi Airport. Changi got its 11 th new city link in 2011. There would be three times a week service between Singapore and Vientiane. Hence Singapore is now connected with all its nine ASEAN neighbours and that too with direct flights.Due to good relations between Singapore and Vientiane, this decision has been taken.

Some interesting points to note that

  • Singapore is among the top 10 investors of Lao. Mostly the investment is done in the sectors like manufacturing and hospitality.
  • Also there has been a growth of 40 percent yearly in the bilateral trade in 2011 from January to September which is amounted to US $ 29 million.
  • Singapore and Laos are cooperating with each other in the sectors like education,tourism and healthcare, since Laos joined ASEAN in 1997.
  • The number of travelers going from Singapore to Laos grew about 8 percent yearly i.e. 6100 in 2010 and for vice- versa i.e. from Laos to Singapore, the percentage is 25  which is 5200 in 2010.
  • It is predicted that the this new direct city link will boost the business and leisure travel between both countries.


Lao Airlines will use its brand new A320 aircraft in a two class configuration and has seating arrangement for 142 passengers.

Also the services will take place on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Sundays from Vientiane at 1505 hours and will reach Singapore on the same day at 1830 hours.
The airlines will take off from Singapore at 1940 hours and will arrive in Vientiane at 2105 hours.

With this new service, Lao Airlines will give Changi’s airport strong link to Europe and Southwest Pacific in order to have presence in these markets.

Sustainable Construction is the need of the hour in Singapore

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore wants the companies in Singapore to go for sustainable constructions as the government has committed that it will give funds for such constructions at the 3rd International Holcim Awards for Asia Pacific, said by CEO of Building and Construction Authority, Dr John Keong.

Also he told about the plan of Singapore to work towards zero landfill,building capabilities among local industry players and decreasing the needs of basic construction materials.

So this shows that the Singaporean Government wants the sustainability to be achieved as soon as possible. This can also be supported from the fact that the Government has pledged $ 15 million in order to support the Sustainable Construction Capability Development Fund for capabilities like using recycled material for building and construction.

In the year 2011, BCA got 60 proposals and $ 3 million and hence Dr Keong urge companies to make use of this fund.

Biopolis in Singapore

About Biopolis
Biopolis is a revolutionary idea since it has facilitated scientists from different countries and fields of biomedical industry to come together to work, share researches and communicate with each other. Over 2000 researchers, technicians and scientists are working together here.
The organization offers world-class research facilities. Researchers have benefited largely from the resources offered by the Biopolis Shared Facilities (BSF). Under the BSF projects, services like glassware washing and media preparation are offered that have allowed scientists to optimize their research time.

The current services offered by BSF are as follows:

  • Confocal Microscopy
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Flow Cytometry
  • High Content Screening
  • Histopathology
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Microarray
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • X-ray Crystallography

The media preparation center produces in-house media for widely used tissue culture and bacterial culture.
Biopolis: The newest tourist attraction of Singapore
Apart from being a world-class facility for research, Biopolis is also a popular tourist destination of Singapore. The research center has the following to entertain visitors:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Food court
  • Fast food center
  • Pub
  • Children’s corner

There is also an auditorium that can accommodate 480 people. Moreover, there are four lecture theaters with a sitting capacity of 250 each and 13 meeting halls located within its boundaries.

Bilateral relations between Singapore and Malaysia

Good political relations between Singapore and Malaysia should encourage companies in both the countries to excel in the sectors of manufacturing and other services by collaborating with each other.

Lim Hng Kiang, Singapore’s Trade and Industry Minister, said that both the countries should take advantage of each others strengths and this would be possible if Singapore and Malaysia will join their hands together and works towards each others benefits. The plus point is that the compatibility between Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore will help in integration of processes easily and quickly.

As claimed by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, the fifth- largest investor in Malaysia was Singapore which invested 1.9 billion ringgit (S$779.7 million) in the first 8 months of 2011 ,for manufacturing investments.

According to sources, bilateral trade between Malaysia and Singapore raised by 3.8 percent which is S$ 92.6 billion and that too in just first 10 months of 2011. With this Malaysia became the largest trading partner of Singapore.

Malaysian government has also taken steps to improve the business environment and services sector.

Malaysia’s Minister for International Trade and Industry expects that Foreign Direct Investments in 2011 will be higher than 2010.

About Singapore

Shopping in Singapore

The happens to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. You can shop here in one of its many shopping malls in Orchard Road as well as in local shopping districts like Chinatown, Arab Street, Little India, Holland Village, and Katong. You should not also miss Marina Bay and Clarke Quay.

Tourist attractions in Singapore

Apart from its sprawling shopping malls, it is home to a range of popular tourist attractions and some of them are as follows:

  •     Singapore Zoo
  •     Jurong Bird Park
  •     Sentosa Island
  •     Escape Theme Park
  •     Asian Civilization Museum
  •     Underwater World
  •     Singapore Night Safari

National Reserve Parks

  •     Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
  •     Central Catchment Nature Reserve
  •     Pulau Ubin
  •     Sungei Buloh Nature Park

Theme Parks

  •     Universal Studios Singapore
  •     Chinese and Japanese Gardens
  •     G-Max Reverse Bungy
  •     Haw Par Villa
  •     Singapore Discovery Center
  •     Singapore Flyer
  •     Singapore Science Center
  •     Songs of the Sea

Nightlife in Singapore

The city is famous for its vibrant nightlife. It houses some of the best pubs, discos and casinos. You can also enjoy a Night Safari of Singapore Zoo. Many cultural events are organized across the city during the night to let you experience its lively atmosphere. Some of the favorite nightlife destinations in the city are as follows:

  •     Central Business District
  •     Civic District Nightlife
  •     Clarke Quay and Riverside
  •     Holland Village- Dempsey Hill


Singapore-an ultimate destination

Singapore is a popular tourist destination for its many shopping malls, natural beauty, resorts and exciting nightlife. Thousands of tourists from different parts of the Asian continent as well as the world visit this place every year. It is a city-state and enjoys an exclusive status of being the most happening economic hub of the continent.

Location and Geography

Singapore is an island country located south of the Malay Peninsula. It is separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor. The country is made up of 63 islands and though the city is highly urbanized, rainforest covers more than 50% of its landscape.

The Singapore government has undertaken the policy to expand the size of the state through land reclamation. The current landmass of the country stands at 704 square kilometers. Urbanization has destroyed most of the rainforest of the country and now only 23% of the total landmass of the state belongs to forests and national reserves.

The city enjoys a typical tropical climate, which is warm year round with a comfortable winter season.

It is a favorite beach destination. Its natural beaches were destroyed during the process of land reclamation. So, most of Singapore’s existing beaches are man made. Given below is a list of its main beaches:

  • East Coast Park Beach
  • Punggol Beach: It is a historical World War II massacre site
  • Sembawang Park
  • West Coast Park
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Changi Beach

Tourism in Singapore

Tourism is the most important business in Singapore. It is full of excitements and adventures to keep tourists from different walks of life engrossed. Over 990,000 international visitors had visited the city during February 2011.

It is regarded as one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. The crime rate in the state against tourists is significantly low. English is a widely spoken language which further helps in attracting large number of western tourists to the country. The place is known for its endless options for shoppers and food lovers. However, it also happens to be a famous destination for Eco tourism.