Chinese New Year in Singapore

Introduction to Chinese Lunar Festivities
Chinese New Year is based on lunar calendar.  It has become extremely popular and widely celebrated festival across the world because of the increasing Chinese populations.  In Singapore also, this Spring Festival is celebrated with traditional fanfare from the first to the 15th of the first month of Chinese calendar.

Rituals and Practices
Chinese New Year not only marks the beginning of the Chinese calendar, but is also a symbolic renewal of many household practices and accounting.  Therefore, in line with the traditional practices, Chinese communities use the occasion of Lunar New Year to ward off ill-fortune and welcome good luck.  It is also marked as an occasion for get together and the reunions. 

Get Together
Chinese communities across the world try to be at one place with their relatives and friends to enjoy these festivities. “Hong Bao”, the little red package containing the money is provided to the youngsters and children in the house and is considered the special attraction of the festival and a symbol of blessing from the elders. 

Reunion Dinner
Reunion Dinner is another symbolic practice, which is held on the eve of the Chinese New Year, where some delicious Chinese and Cantonese dishes are served among the families.

Music and Red Lanterns
During the New Year festival season, the entire city of Singapore is enlivened with traditional Chinese music, display of red lanterns and Chinese and Cantonese food stalls in many neighborhoods.

Celebrations in Chinatown and Kreta Ayer Square
Chinatown is the hub of the New Year celebrations, where the street light ups, all night markets, and the stunning declaration creates a high-energy festive mood.  The fire eaters, lion dancers, strange umbrellas and dance troupes of girls offer amazing and unforgettable entertainment at Kreta Ayer Square.

Dragon and Lion Dances
Folklore are the central theme of the entire festival and that is the reason you will see dragon and lion dances as part of the festival.  It adds cheerfulness and festivity, as both these characters are an inherent part of Chinese mythology.

Festivities at Chingay Parade
In Singapore, the heart of the celebrations is Chingay Parade.  This parade displays magicians, fire eaters, floats, and dancers.  The venue for the parade is Formula One Pit Building in front of the Marina bay waterfront.

River Hongbao
This is also a remarkable event of the Chinese New Year held in Singapore on the Marina Bay floating platform.  It also displays red lanterns, games stalls and fireworks in the second and third week of February.

Huayi Festival
Held at the Esplanade Waterfront Promenade, it is also another event celebrated in the month of February.  This is actually a celebration to mark the distinguished and elegant Chinese arts.  Displaying both traditional and contemporary arts, including music, opera and theater and visual displays from the prominent Chinese artists, it is an occasion to a heartwarming celebration to honor the creative artists.

So, Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore are actually an opportunity to have a deep insight into the Chinese culture and traditions as a good omen to start the prosperous New Year.  It also presents you with an occasion to enjoy some of the best Chinese cuisines.

Celebration of Chinese New Year in Singapore

The Chinese represent the largest section of Singaporean population and so, a strong cultural influence of China can be seen in the various celebrations of the country. Observing the Chinese New Year is one of the most important events of Singapore. The day of the Chinese New Year is decided based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year follows Chinese traditions. During this time roads and areas are decorated with bright colored flags and festoons. Lights are hung and markets are decorated in vibrant colors. The entire city transforms itself into a bright dreamscape. It is the time for the Chinese people to enjoy festivity and reuniting with friends and families.

Chun Jie is the most important tradition of the New Year. It is a tradition to bury old despairs and worries and welcome hope for the coming days. The preparation for Chun Jie starts one month before the actual celebration of New Year. The event is earmarked with buying gifts, clothes, household items, flowers, toys etc. for loved ones. The Chinese also buy a plum tree as it symbolizes new beginning and is an important part of the New Year celebration. Grand feasts, dance performances, theaters etc. are organized across Singapore during this time.

The Chinese New Year celebration is also known as the Spring Festival as it ushers the season of spring in the region. A world-class flower show is organized in Sentosa by the name of Sentosa Flowers.

The Chinese New Year is also a great time to shop in Singapore as the shops and shopping malls offer great deals during this time. If you are considering enjoying some great shopping deals in Singapore, it is the ideal time.

The Marina Bay in Singapore organizes the biggest parties for the New Year. People normally queue in front of the finest restaurants to enjoy dinner in the New Year. If you have planned to visit Singapore during the Chinese New Year time, don’t miss the Chingay Parade, which is an extravagant and dramatic event. In addition, you can participate in the Huayi Festival which is an exhibition of Chinese art and handicrafts.