Singapore Fashion

Singapore has been recently adjudged as the 8th most fashionable country in the world. With the economic advancements taking place, people of Singapore have become more concerned about dressing right. Furthermore, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise with its countless malls and fashion stores. No wonder that Singapore will enjoy an exclusive status in the fashion world.

Global Language Monitor, which has recently conducted the survey to find the top 10 stylish cities in the world, has ranked Singapore in the 8th place. The city has crossed seven positions to improve its rank from 15th in 2010 to 8th in 2011.

Singapore’s love for fashion is obvious from the presence of many international fashion brands in the country. You can now shop here for fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Donna Karan, Marks & Spencer, Paul Smith, Trussardi and many more.

Traditional dresses of Singapore

Although people of this place have embraced comfortable dressing, which often comprises shorts, singlets and slippers, but the traditional outfit of Singapore is equally vibrant. The festive season is considered the best time to witness the multi-ethnic culture of the country when various traditional dresses are worn by men and women alike.

Nyonya Kebaya: The Nyonya Kebaya is the traditional outfit of the Peranakan race who are the descendants of Chinese and Malay parentage. This traditional cloth bears the influence of both Malay and Chinese culture. The Kebaya consists of an embroidered, figure-fitting, long sleeved garment worn over an undershirt. The lower part of the dress consists of a sarong.

Cheongsam: Traditional Chinese costume is widely worn by the women in Singapore. Cheongsam means long garment. Modern Cheongsam is available in various lengths and flattering colors and are quite popular with young women of both Malay and Chinese ethnicities.

Sari: Many Indians reside in Singapore and they can be seen wearing their traditional dress of Sari. Sari is also worn by the women of Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Nivi style of sari draping is most popular among the women in Singapore.

Baju Kurung: The Baju Kurung is a dress worn by many conservative Malay women. The dress covers the hair and neck of the wearer. Since its origination, the dress has undergone many changes to become a modern and stylish outfit. Baju Kurung is still worn by many Malay women in their daily lives.

Fashion in Singapore: Modern trends

Singapore has emerged fast in the world’s fashion map. Singapore Fashion Week and the Singapore Fashion Festival are now two of the most prestigious fashion events in the world. The events offer a platform for aspiring fashion designers to showcase their creations.There are many brands in clothes in Singapore.