Asia will be booming in the coming years

Ng Eng Hen, Defence Minister of Singapore, said that Asia will do better than other parts of the World. He claimed the same in a panel discussion at 48th Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Germany that took place from 3rd February

2012 to 5th February 2012.

The conference consisted of defence and foreign ministers,military leaders,parliamentarians,heads of government and

security experts.

According to IMF (International Monetary Fund), Asia will grow to a large amount by 2015 and hence will then be

comparable to the large economies like US and Europe in combination. Also by 2030, there will be large number of

middle class and hence will contribute for more than 40 percent of the global output. This may exceed the size of G-7 economies in totality.

In the coming years, Asia will be developing very much and hence would account for 43 percent of the World consumption in the coming years.

Ng Eng Hen iterated that many places in Asia are still young when compared with European Union and US along with their states and institutions.

Asia has got many capabilities and hence Ng Eng Hen urged US and European Union to continue their strategic engagement in Asia in order to strengthen the cooperation and constructive partnerships so nations, all together, can come to address the global problems together.

The issues that were discussed in the 3 day conference were new security parameters such as energy, resources and the environment,developments in the Middle East and cyber security,the implications of the financial crisis for international security etc.

Initiatives are taken in Singapore for commuters

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) , Singapore has decided to buy 18 North East Line (NEL) trains and 16 Circle Line (CCL)

trains in order to increase the capacity of rails in the future years.

According to the sources, the contract has been given to Alstom Transport S.A. / Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd

Consortium to procure the new CCL and NEL trains and the cost of the project is S$ 368.9 million.

Also it was decided that NEL would take only 12 new trains but now they have decided that they will take 15 traines and the delivery of the same will be done by 2015. These will hike the NEL’s capacity by around 70 percent. Also SMRT has given the contract of changing the signalling system on the North-South East-West Line (NSEWL) to Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd.The price of this contract is S$195 million.The signalling system will be a “COmmunications Based Train Control” system.

As said by the SMRT that the project will be finished in phases and trains will run at a good frequency of 100 seconds which is currently at 120 seconds. And hence the people will not have to wait for long time. Great initiative.Also the replacement work on the NSEW lines includes more than 100 kilometers of tracks .

President’s Award for Teachers’ nominations have started in Singapore

People in Singapore can now nominate for the teachers, who have performed very well, for President’s Award for Teachers.

The Education Ministry claimed that the prize will be given at the Istana by the President on 5th September when the Teacher’s Day is celebrated.

This is the 15th year of the celebration of the President’s Award for Teachers. This award was introduced in 1998 and the motive to introduce this award was to recognize the teachers who have contributed in imparting the education and who are dedicated and hard working in their profession of making the future of young children.Till now , 50 teachers have received this award.

Point to note that the teachers who are nominated for this award must be dedicated towards their job and support learning,caring etc. of children and hence make the future if children bright in every aspect.

Also the teachers must be able to make an image of themselves that the students consider them as their role model.

One can get the nomination form from all the primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, centralized institute and MOE’s Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive.

Other way to nominate for the teachers for the President’s Award for Teachers’ is by downloading the form from the website of Academy of Singapore Teachers.

The last date for the nominations id 24 th February 2012 so HURRY and vote for the best teachers.

PM of Singapore expects more babies in this Year of Dragon

Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore, expects Singaporeans to increase the birth rate and hence allow Singapore to maintain its national identity.

As Lee Hsien Loong himself has 4 children and urged Singaporean families to grow as Singapore needs more local born babies.

He hoped that 2012 will be year for many babies. Singapore does not want to depend itself on immigration and also not want to decrease its population on a yearly basis.

As we know that the year of Dragon is very special and crucial to have a baby as only Dragon appears among the 12 animals in the Chinese Cosmic Cycle.

According to the sources, Chinese believe that babies born in the Year of Dragon, Dragon being the symbol of Ancient Emperors, will have more courage and wisdom and hence will be lucky for their families.

Also it has been seen decrease in the TFR i.e Total Fertility Rate from 1.60 babies per female in 2000 to 1.20 in 2011. The current population of Singapore is 5.2 million and out of which foreigners occupy the quarter share.

Singapore and its economy

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong claimed that the economy of Singapore did very well in 2011 and expanded by 4.8 percent.

Lee Hsien Loong claimed that the external environment is uncertain and hence nothing can be made sure about the future growth and plans. Also Singapore will decrease employing the foreigners to work in Singapore.

Singapore expects a slow growth in 2012 and that too of 1 to 3 percent. One reason might be that as they will disallow the people from outside Singapore to work in Singapore and hence will lose many business opportunities.

According to sources,the population of Singapore is 5.2 million and around 3.3 million people are citizens, 1.4 million are non-resident foreigners and the rest of the people are permanent residents.

It has been known that because of foreigners, there has been rise in the cost,buses and other transportation are crowded,there is competition in schools,colleges.

Primary Care Partnership Scheme is on demand in Singapore!!!

The people of Singapore are applying for the Primary Care Partnership  Scheme in great number.

What is Primary Care Partnership  Scheme ?

With the help of this scheme, the elder people as well as the low income people in Singapore, will be able to take the advantage of the subsidized care at the private General Practitioner and the dental clinics.

In order to check the functioning of this scheme, the Minister of State for Health, Amy Khor, visited many residents and distributed the pamphlets about this scheme in order to propagate about this scheme.

According to the sources, around 2000 people have applied for this scheme and that too every month starting from August 2011.

The range of the income was doubled to S$1500 for each person in the house and the minimum age decreased to 40 from 65. These changes will take place from 15th January 2012.

The clinics that are participating in this Primary Care Partnership  Scheme, have raised by 10 percent since August 2011. In total, there are 440 GP clinics and 210 dental clinics which is a very good number.

Plans are under construction in order to seek methods so GPs get access to drugs that are inexpensive and hence the savings can be used for the patients.

Singapore will contribute for the people in Philippines…Kind Singapore!!!

Due to the unexpected tragedy that took place in Philippines and has affected many people, the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Mosque Committee and the Malay Muslim Community in Singapore came together and are working for the people affected by the floods in Philippines. This has again proved that Singapore is really benevolent.

This incident in Philippines, took the death of 1000 people and some are missing in places like Iligan and Cagayan in Philippines.

According to the sources, it has been found that mostly women and children were drowned in flash floods.

But how these mosques in Singapore are contributing for the people in Philippines?

Well the donation boxes will be kept from 30th December 2011 to 5th January 2012 at all the 69 mosques. Hopes are that there is huge collection on 30th December 2011 as people come in large number for the Friday Prayers.

For more information, the boxes will have the mark of “”Singapore Muslim Community’s Special Collection For Humanitarian Relief Effort in Southern Philippines”.

The collected amount will be sent to Mercy Relief which is responsible for providing help to the sufferers in Philippines.

Special note for Singaporeans that if they wish to contribute for this noble charity, they can do so in the form of cash or cheques and give the same to MUIS.

3rd Planet of Singapore launched its 3D virtual tour

Yes!! you got it right.3rd Planet, which is the marketing company of Singapore, has brought 3D travel portal named as “Journey to Everest”.

This 3D travel portal can be downloaded also and is made with the joint efforts of 3rd Planet and Nepal Tourism. This 3D walking journey is of Durban Square in Patan,Nepal. Also this marketing company of Singapore has made 5 3D tours and that too all in Nepal.

Also the company 3rd Planet is planning to have 3D tours for all the destinations in the World that are famous and mostly visited by the tourists.

Also the pictures used in this 3D travel tour seems to be real and the sound effects are also included in order to give real experience to the users.

At present, 3rd Planet has in store hundreds of landmarks and cities for development. Terence Mak, CEO of 3rd Planet assured that there will be more 3D cities in the coming 2012.

Enjoy Nutcracker in Singapore!!!

By the way what is Nutcracker?
Well this is a ballet or dance group and the theme of this has been taken from fairy tale known as “The Tale of the Nutcracker” by E.T.A. Hoffman. This fairy tale is related to a child who enjoys a magical journey and that too in a fantasy world on Christmas Eve…How interesting !!!

The Nutcracker will happen from 8th December to 11th December at the Esplanade Theater.

But this year, SDT i.e. Singapore Dance Theatre is organizing the Nutcracker in a different way and that different way is that the Nutcracker will happen in an Asian Twist and hence moving the setting to Shangai from Europe.

Director of SDT,Janek Schergen,that this move of theirs will attract more people because of many Asian dancers.

This show will have many small segments which in turn will reflect the technical skills and also the beauty of dancers.

Singapore is marketing itself…Great !!!!

STB,Singapore Tourism Board, are developing campaigns in order to allure people from China to come to Singapore.

STB has also started with the campaign known as “New Discoveries” in Beijing,China and with this campaign the needs of people in China will be catered and hence this resulted in more specific marketing campaigns.

According to the research, it has been concluded that there are many people from China who visit Singapore.So STB will join hands with the three famous travel agencies in China which are Ctrip,CYTS and GZL International Travel Service and they will introduce new package holidays.This step will fall under the “New Discoveries” campaign.

Also people who have booked a packaged tour for Singapore ,now can customize their schedule and also can take the facilities of flight and accommodation services.

This unique idea of introducing Singapore to others will include countries like India,Malaysia,Indonesia,Australia apart from China.