Amusement Parks in Singapore

Among the other fun places, the amusement parks in Singapore continue to be a major source of tourist attractions. There are lots of bird sanctuaries, nature areas and night parks in Singapore. The amusement parks in Singapore are dispersed throughout the city at convenient locations. A major merit with the amusement parks in Singapore is that they offer tons of knowledge about wildlife of the particular area. Valuable updates on history and geography are also gained through them.

Some of the Important Amusement Parks in Singapore are:

Singapore Marina City Park

It is situated at Marina South and is the ideal spot for a family vacation. A magnificent view of the skyline of the city is an added advantage of this park. The infinite ocean also stretches out for miles as far as the eye can see. The park entrances are situated in Marina Boulevard.

Escape Theme Park

The cool and thrilling rides at the Escape Theme Park promise to provide the tourists with an unforgettable experience. One of the most sought after amusement parks in Singapore, it has both dry as well wet rides for the adventure lovers. The players who enjoy splashing round in the water even while being tossed round or turned upside down on the rides would definitely enjoy the wet rides.

If it’s some heart stopping adventures that you desire, try out the wilder rides like Rainbow, Inverter and the Revolution. The real dare devils who simply love to be in the midst of an adrenaline rush can go on Alpha 8. This ride is probably not meant for the weak hearted because it speeds through some sharp turns and twists.

To reach the Escape Theme Park, board the free shuttle buses that commence from eight forty five in the morning onwards. It is located at Pasir Ris Road.

Snow City

If you are tired to death and looking for a way to beat the scorching heat, Snow City is the place to be. Skiing down a snowy slope sounds like a cool way to ward off the heat and enjoy oneself in the process. Other such adventure sports are snow tubing and snowboarding. Of course where there is snow, snowballs would automatically come into the picture. Fighting with your friends and pelting them with snowballs add to the fun element.

If the tourists are interested in enhancing their knowledge, they can learn about the survival techniques in the bitter cold weather and the method by which snow is formed. This place has a snow centre that is permanent and based indoors. The real snow is created with the help of special guns.

Fantasy Island

The tourists can drop in at Fantasy Island if they wish to get away from the horrible heat that visits Singapore at times. Jump into the refreshingly cool waters of this theme park which is based on the Sentosa Island. There are lots of water rides and river rafts to make your day fun. Visit and enjoy the amusement parks in Singapore today.

Singapore Travel – Dos and Dont’s

A vibrant travel destination that attracts millions a year, Singapore is known as a clean city with efficient traffic control and criminal laws binding both locals and tourists. Home to a diverse ethnic population, there is a strict guideline for foreigners and employment pass holders. As travelers, new to the city, you should know about the restrictions, dos and dont’s while you are in Singapore.

What not to do in Singapore

You will have to abide by certain rules and regulations while traveling to Singapore.

  • Do not Litter
  • There is strict law against littering in Singapore. It is of world’s cleanest cities with high level of public hygiene concerns. Throwing of plastics, waste paper and cigarette is an offense resulting to fine

  • No smoking in public places
  • Smoking in public is prohibited in Singapore and the law is well enforced. Cigarette are sold with a SDPC stamp and smokers using unstamped cigarette packs will be fined up to $500 for each pack. In customs, 1 half opened cigarette pack is allowed to be brought in Singapore

  • Chewing gum
  • Import of chewing gum is illegal and there is a custom checking at the airport and ports. Pack of chewing gums from Malaysia and Indonesia can get you arrested.

  • Drug laws
  • There is strict laws against drug trafficking, consumption and abuse. Possession of drugs can lead to capital punishment even without an exception to foreigners. Also note that drug metabolites in the person’s system is also a criminal offense even if consumed outside Singapore.

  • Do not bring firearms
  • Possession of unlicensed arms, firearms, crackers and any kind of mild explosive is punishment, if brought without the necessary permit . According to trafficking laws, import and export of more than 30 g or morphine and 30 g of cocaine and other drugs such as cannabis and heroin has compulsory death penalty. An for unauthorized consumption of drugs, there is a jail term of up to 10 years.

  • Avoid bribing
  • The Singaporean authorities discourage bribing at any public place, to government officials, for any special favors receive in return. Both the parties are considered as offenders.

  • Do not use pirated goods
  • Religious symbols and publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Unification Church cannot be imported, by either land or sea, to Singapore. Pirated CDs or movies and pornographic videos has a fine of up to $1000

  • Avoid tipping and giving money to beggars
  • It is not customary to tip waiters in restaurants and bars. Begging is also not a legal activity

  • Do not carry food in MRT trains
  • Bringing food to MRT trains is a public offense with fine of around $200.

  • Do not gift white flowers
  • For the locals, white flowers are a symbol of mourning and grief and usually bought only at funerals. Avoid gifting anyone.

  • Avoid public display of affection
  • Due to cultural barriers, public display of affection is unacceptable in Singapore unlike many western countries. Homosexual activity remains illegal.

  • Do not feed animals
  • At parks and road, do not stop by to feed birds or monkeys. This activity is strictly prohibited and on notice can cause harassment

  • Illegal entry and stay is punishable
  • Entry without proper visa and permit and staying beyond 90 days after visa expiry has caning as punishment.

  • Do not be in touch with bookies and touts
  • In exchange for money, bookies often lead foreign tourists to traps. It is advisable to make all your bookings in advance to avoid paying extra

  • Do not mingle with strangers
  • It is nice to be polite and courteous but avoid mingling with strangers. You can end up in a tourist trap!

    What to do in Singapore
    Here are few things to do in Singapore

    • Be vigilant and aware while boarding taxis
    • There is duty free alcohol sold in Singapore, enjoy the nightlife
    • Keep all important numbers such as ambulance, fire and police for immediate help
    • Use public restrooms/toilets especially built at all MRT stations, shopping complexes and also bus terminals
    • Maintain dress codes in bars and pubs, wherever required
    • Be courteous to local people, bow to the Chinese, you can shake hands as well
    • Carry prescriptions for all regular medicines that you take, drugs are sold only when prescribed
    • Open your shoes before entering a home or temple
    • Enjoy the tropical climate that may get hot sometimes, make sure to keep yourself enough hydrated
    • Do not depend on credit cards, carry some cash with you

    Household incomes increased in 2011 in Singapore

    According to the report of Department of Statistics,the income groups in Singapore witnessed a household income hike in 2011.

    According to the sources, the monthly household income from work raised from $6,340 in 2010 to $7,040 in 2011. The data is taken in Median terms. Hence, there was an increase of 5.6 percent in 2011 and the same was just 2.8 percent in 2010.

    To note that the above figures are specially for Singaporean and Permanent Resident Households that has minimum one working member and there is an inclusion of the employer Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions.

    According to the reports, the fastest increase in the monthly incomes was of top 10 per cent of employed households. The factual figures are that there is an 7.9 percent increase in 2011 from $24,440 in 2010 to $27,870 in 2011. For the bottom 10 percent, there is an increase of 0.9 percent from $1,500 to $1,580.

    About Singapore Medical Council (SMC)

    The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) is the statutory board that is responsible for keeping the healthcare system operative and effective in the state. It is a department under the Ministry of Health that maintains and regulates registration of medical professionals and the compulsory continuing medical education (CME) program. It’s the governing body that administers professional ethics and conducts of the medical practitioners in Singapore.

    SMC offers the following services:

    Becoming a registered doctor: It offers information and services to help medical professionals enroll and obtain licenses to become registered doctors in Singapore. It helps doctors in obtaining practicing certificates as mandated by the state law to practice as doctors. It is also the authoritative body that resolves appeals and disputes if a person is denied registration by the Medical Council..

    Information for registered doctors: SMC operates as the one-stop destination for information required by medical practitioners regarding:

    • Continuing Medical Education
    • Restoration to the Register
    • Renewal of Practicing Certificates
    • Removal of Names from Register
    • Display of Qualifications
    • Supervisory Framework
    • Titles Approved for Use

    Information for public and patients: SMC deals with the complaints registered by patients under the amended Medical Registration Act of December 2010. It receives complaints which are then reviewed and resolved by a Complaint Committee containing ten or more members. Each of such committee contains the following members to ensure proper representation of each party involved:

    • One chairman
    • One medical practitioner
    • One member of the society from non-medical background

    Information for CME Providers: One can get all the necessary information regarding Continuing Medical Education from SMC. One needs to create an online account with SMC for registering for CME events and submitting attendance records. Services offered under this section are as follows:

    • Hospitals and other Healthcare Institutions information
    • Medical Societies/VWOs for CME programs
    • Healthcare Providers
    • Application for Accreditation of Local Events
    • Submission of Attendance Records


    Best Restaurants in Singapore

    Singapore is a veritable traveler’s paradise and offers the very best in international and local cuisine with majority of the eateries focusing on East Asian cuisine.The restaurants are:

    Song of India
    Much of the food available at this well known restaurant is from Kerala and Uttar Pradesh. You can also opt for the Jugalbaandi menu that comprises some of the signature dishes of Chef Milind, or Journey Through India, which is a mélange of dishes from different parts of India. In addition, the wine cellar gives you plenty of options.

    33 Scotts Road,Singapore228226

    The food at Infuzi can be basically regarded as Modern European. Chef Freddie Lee blends dishes from France and Italy to create wonderful dishes like the Australian Wagyu Beef for lunch or dinner:

    •     Mushroom Timbale with Arugula Salad
    •     Vegetable Risotto with Pan-Roasted Spatch-Cook and Black Truffle Sauce
    •     Pan-Fried Salmon with Herb and Cream Sauce
    •     Rack of Lamb with Bell Peppers, Parma Ham Compote and Pink Peppercorn Oil
    •     Lavender-Lemon Cake
    •     Pan-Roasted Challans Duck Breast with Black Truffle Sauce

    In addition to these, Infuzi serves top quality wine from all over the world, and especially Bordeaux and Burgundy.

    10 Biopolis Road,01-01 Chromos Block,Singapore
    Telephone number: (65) 6478 9091
    Fax: (65) 6478 9021

    PS.Cafe – Palais
    PS.Cafe – Palais is well known for its favorites like Ginger Steamed Pudding and Double Chocolate Blackout Cake but you can also go for Chocolate Crunch Doorstop.

    Level 2. Palais S.C.,390 Orchard Road,Singapore
    Telephone Number: 65 9834 8232

    About Singapore

    Shopping in Singapore

    The happens to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. You can shop here in one of its many shopping malls in Orchard Road as well as in local shopping districts like Chinatown, Arab Street, Little India, Holland Village, and Katong. You should not also miss Marina Bay and Clarke Quay.

    Tourist attractions in Singapore

    Apart from its sprawling shopping malls, it is home to a range of popular tourist attractions and some of them are as follows:

    •     Singapore Zoo
    •     Jurong Bird Park
    •     Sentosa Island
    •     Escape Theme Park
    •     Asian Civilization Museum
    •     Underwater World
    •     Singapore Night Safari

    National Reserve Parks

    •     Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
    •     Central Catchment Nature Reserve
    •     Pulau Ubin
    •     Sungei Buloh Nature Park

    Theme Parks

    •     Universal Studios Singapore
    •     Chinese and Japanese Gardens
    •     G-Max Reverse Bungy
    •     Haw Par Villa
    •     Singapore Discovery Center
    •     Singapore Flyer
    •     Singapore Science Center
    •     Songs of the Sea

    Nightlife in Singapore

    The city is famous for its vibrant nightlife. It houses some of the best pubs, discos and casinos. You can also enjoy a Night Safari of Singapore Zoo. Many cultural events are organized across the city during the night to let you experience its lively atmosphere. Some of the favorite nightlife destinations in the city are as follows:

    •     Central Business District
    •     Civic District Nightlife
    •     Clarke Quay and Riverside
    •     Holland Village- Dempsey Hill