The IT Industry in Singapore

Market Overview
That Singapore is a highly developed and industrialized economy can be gauged from the rapid strides that are perpetually being made in the information and communication technology sector. The ICT sector plays a key role in fuelling growth and development of the national economy. The nation’s IT industry comprises the segments of software, hardware, content services, and IT and ITES services.

Of the topmost 100 IT software and hardware development and services firms in the world, over 80 of them have a branch in Singapore. World renowned companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Alcatel, AT &T, Dell, Compaq, Sony, and Ericsson either have a branch or regional office in Singapore. The government is also quite gung-ho about its Next Gen NBN (next generation nationwide broadband network) that was launched in 2006 with the pious objective of providing high-speed broadband connectivity to all commercial and residential establishments by 2015.
The network is being created using superior quality optical fibre. By the time the project is through, all business entities in Singapore, big or small will be able to access the Internet at speeds of 1 Gbps and beyond. Presently, different nodal agencies of the government in Singapore are exploiting cloud computing in a big for achieving its short-term and long-term objectives. The government strongly feels that introducing cloud computing in its various IT divisions will result in economies of scale via sharing of the available computing resources and by way of standardization.

Business Opportunities
The IDA (Infocomm Development Authority) which oversees the ICT sector in Singapore has outlined a roadmap for this segment. It has made all the necessary arrangements for local and multinational corporations to invest in the emerging and evolving sectors including broadband services, cloud computing, web development and design, digitalised content, security infrastructure,  cloud computing business analytics, and radio frequency identification.  

The Commercial Environment
In order to encourage and promote holistic growth of the infocomm sector in the country, the government is gearing up to collaborate and work in close conjunction with transnational IT and telecommunication companies. The government is earnest about joining forces with foreign firms in order to better comprehend and meet the requirements of institutional consumers not only in Asia but also beyond the continent. The administration is also committed towards the development of a skilled labour force that is tech savvy and internationally competitive. It is perpetually engaged in formulating plans and schemes to equip industry professionals with technical knowhow and the relevant professional skills so that they can have a better understanding of the business environment.

Promotion of Products and Services
Singapore has had a free market economy since long. Furthermore, the government in order to foster all round economic development has seen to it that foreign companies and multinational organizations do not face any hurdles in setting up their chapters in the country. It takes a month and a half to set up a new business in Singapore as there are hardly any trade restrictions and barriers.

The business-friendly environment in the ICT sector inculcates global players to invest heavily in Singapore. Additionally, the public and private businesses in Singapore by teaming up with the overseas corporate organizations are able to make the most of the market opportunities worldwide.

Preferred Cocktails of Singapore

If you think that tourists flock to Singapore to just to get atop the ‘Singapore Flyer’ or steer a plane in ‘Singapore Flight Experience’ or simply to shop in its swanky shopping malls, then you’d be in for a surprise. Singapore is a top draw amongst travellers because of its vibrant night life.
If you happen to visit Orchard Road or the Marina Bay Sands area late in the evening and step into a ritzy bar, you’ll find urbane patrons and trendy partygoers gyrating to musical beats and song numbers and sipping on cocktails. Yes, the cocktail scene is not only alive but kicking in Singapore.

The cocktail circuit in this island-nation has come a long way since the time ‘Singapore Sling’ was created by Ngiam Tong Boon during the early 20th century. The top cocktail bars in Singapore employ the best of sommeliers and mixologists who keep coming up with the most stirring and heady concoctions. The cocktails served here contain a variety of liqueurs and fruits.  The following lines lists some of the most popular cocktails of Singapore served in the swankiest bars and restaurants of the city-state.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Quince and For Whom the Bells Toll
Sip from the cocktails served in The Cufflink Club that have names you can easily recall-Fifty Shades of Grey and For Whom the Bell Tolls’. Enjoy the genial ambience while you take your swigs. The Cufflink Club-6, Jiak Chuan Road.

Lover Boy, New Orleans
Catalunya is known to serve some of the classiest of cocktails including the ‘Old Fashioned Lover Boy and ‘Old Fashioned New Orleans’. The cocktails served here are expensive but they’re the best blends that your money can buy. Catalunya-The Fullerton Pavilion, 82, Collyer Quay, Singapore-049327

Sheikh on the Level
For getting a high of the ‘Sheikh on the Label’ step inside The Spiffy Dapper comfortably tucked inside a restaurant in Boat Quay. The Spiffy Dapper has the best collection of gins amongst all the bars in Singapore. The Spiffy Dapper-61, Boat Quay, 2nd Floor

Smoke and Mirrors
This cocktail is served in ‘CUT’-a restaurant that specializes in serving steaks. Furthermore, the blends and cocktails served here are reasonably priced. CUT-2, Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (Basement Level)

Bar Stories has been concocting blends when the cocktail landscape in Singapore was still in its infancy. Bar Stories continues to equally attract the connoisseurs and the novices. The bartenders at this joint are kept busy till the wee hours of the night. Bar Stories-57A, Haji Lane, Singapore-189250

The Golden Mile
 You’ll find some delicious side dishes and appetisers to go with your cocktail in Ding Dong. Check out the cocktail menu before you order a concoction.  If the names sound bizarre and quixotic, then settle for the ‘The Golden Mile’ for a safe bet. Ding Dong-23, Ann Siang Road, Singapore-069703

 Drop Je Daiquiri
The Tippling Club indeed lives up to its name.  The clients keep coming back for the amazing cocktails made by the bartenders. Tippling Club-8D Dempsey Road, Singapore-249672

Bitter Chocolate Martini
Office goers after an exhaustive day at the workplace and tourists head to Nektar mainly to guzzle down the Bitter Chocolate Martini. Nektar-31, Scotts Road

Other popular cocktails
Warm Buttered Rum
French 75
Juniper sling
Blood and Sand
Spice Ahoy


Christmas in Singapore

Below listed are some places where Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Orchard Road
Christmas in Singapore is amazingly festive and gala time for its citizens. The congregation starts thronging the prominent places with the decorated trees all over, right since the mid-November. Orchard Road Christmas Light-up is the most enjoyable and pleasant feature of the Christmas in Singapore. It’s been almost three decades since Orchard Road is being decorated with electric lights giving it a look of a fairyland. You will find beautiful and tall Christmas trees allover and multicolor ornaments adding to the glitz of the place. It’s a place where locals and tourists can’t resist themselves from singing and dancing on Christmas.

People prefer to come here again and again according to a regional tourist survey. For people from Northern hemisphere, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy Christmas. Singapore is a tropical island and it’s hot and humid, so you can also enjoy ice creams and other cold drinks on this occasion. There is also no need to wear overcoats and woolen clothes; you will find it much comfortable to roam in your shorts and tees.

In 2011 alone, around 7 million visitors thronged Marina Bay and Orchard road. This prominent road has also been awarded the Merit Award for Events and Programming by the International Downtown Association for the glitzy decorations of the road during Christmas in 2011.

Sentosa Harbour Front
Sentosa, the erstwhile home to world famous Fantasy Island, is also home to Christmas celebration at harbor front. Not only it offers thrilling decorations, but it’s a place where several programs are organized by harbor front center. The other organizers include Mount Faber Leisure Group, Sentosa. Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and VivoCity also turn the Island into a paradise of entertainment on Christmas.

The entire lighting is controlled by a single switch and the lights dance in synch during this season. The Christmas village, grand Xmas trees and Santa along with his reindeers is a visual delight for the visitors.The orchestras and party venues set the island on fire with amazing musical programs and entertainment shows.

Marina Bay
Marina Bay malls and theaters such as Theatres on the Bay, CityLink Mall, Esplanade, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Marina Square, Millenia Walk, and Suntec City Mall announce a grand promotion extravaganza with the prizes worth thousands of Singapore dollars. It includes dining and shopping vouchers to be awarded on the shopping spends of the visitors. Marina bay Sands is also home to the Santa Claus the Musical, a delightful Christmas adventure by Annie. The performances come with live orchestra and special effects making it even more glamorous.

There are around up to 15 meters tall Xmas trees, and you feel dwarfed in front of them. The glowing stars give them a mesmerizing look. They will simply wake up the child in you. Tanglin Mall decorations also attract adults and children alike. Shipping hours are extended here to enable you to visit and shop from the glitzy shops. You can also get great offers and discounts during the festive period. Plus you get a heavy dose of musical entertainment, concerts and dining opportunities.

Singapore- The Fantasy Island

The republic of Singapore, located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula is a small yet greatly urban nation well-known for its artistic landscapes and scenic beauty. All in all it is a fantasy island you will fancy going to.

  • Amusement parks:- When you are on the lookout for amusement parks in Singapore, you will always have the best at your service. Take for example the Universal Studios Theme Park in Sentosa Island. The second of its kind to have opened in Asia, this park had a record two million visitors in the first nine months since its opening in October 2009. It has been projected that the exclusivity of this Singapore Amusement Park will be retained for the next thirty years. But, hold your breath: for this lavish set-up is only a part of the Resorts World Sentosa, the fantasy island, its other attractions being Singapore’s two casinos and a Marine Life Park which houses the world’s largest oceanarium.
  • Marina Bay Sands:- The Resort World is one of the most luxurious casino properties besides Marina Bay Sands. The Marina Bay Sands is unquestionably the most luxurious standalone casino property. Built alongside a resort which boasts of 2,561 rooms and 1,300,000 square foot convention exhibition centre, this casino occupies the central position in Singapore entertainment guide. The Marina Sand bay malls is the ultimate proud home to posh shops, a couple of state-of-the-art theatres, the world’s largest casino ,one museum, an array of celebrity chef restaurants, , an ice skating rink, and floating Crystal Pavilions .
  • Singapore- the Ultimate Alcohol-Abode:- For those who are looking for that ultimate Bacchanalean revelry in Singapore, here’s the good news! You will never run short of options!! Most prominent among them, Atrium-inspired Zouk is the gateway to a definitive bar experience. The 2000 capacity bar laces a spacious dance floor. For art lovers, let it be known that this bar actually boasts of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol originals! When in Singapore, don’t forget to visit Oosters Brasserie and order from an endless list of Belgian Beers and trappist ales. This is the only place where you can order custom-made mussels! Another off-beat entertainment spot is the Archipelago brewery with their definitive Asian-accented beers. They are located at the Y-junction of the slightly sleazy Circular Road! Located at only a ten minutes’ walking distance from the B03 Bus-stop on Holland Road, the Wine Network is a gem of a find in the list of Singapore’s places of entertainment. You can order wine as cheap or expensive, sit inside or enjoy the view and brew of the colonial barracks at the deck of this unassuming place that ironically spells sheer class.
  • Cinema Goer’s Entertainment Guide:- Love Cinema? Get the ultimate gold-class cinematic experience for $25 at Golden Village located on the third floor of the Great World City Mall. With adjustable seats, customized tables and personal chefs catering to your every demand, a cinema going experience could not have been more enticing!
  • Home to Art:- Singapore is the hub of classical and contemporary art. The Arts House one of oldest government building of Singapore, that doubles up as an arts centre. Opened in 2004, it patronizes visual, performative arts and theatre. From national to international artists, you find performances ranging from an impromptu comic piece to avant-garde musical compositions, all happening right here. The Tan Swie Hian Museum, Red Dot Design Museum are also must-visits for art-lovers visiting Singapore. For an off-the-beaten-track experience, you can also visit the Art Retreat which is the repository of rare Chinese contemporary art.
  • So what are you waiting for? Next time you visit Singapore, plunge into its assorted array of pleasures!

    10 Singapore foods you can’t live without.

    Singaporeans are simply crazy about eating. They need the best to eat and for this they can even wait or queue endlessly, they will traverse the island, and they will eat at all hours.
    We have heard about lots of Singaporeans who came back just because they can’t live without Singaporean food.
    Much of it is humble but insanely delicious street fare found in food centers and coffee shops throughout the island.

    Here is the list of top 10 Singaporean cuisines that you must try while visiting there:

    1. Chicken Rice: Chicken rice is available everywhere in Singapore, at hawker stalls, food courts, luxury hotels and even at zoo. Singaporeans will never get bored of eating Chicken rice. Some people call it as “national dish” of Singapore”. Atop fragrant oily rice, delicious steamed or boiled chicken, with sliced cucumber. it has various variants also which include roasted chicken or soy sauce chicken. Play out with different combinations to discover new tastes. The famous place to eat Chicken Rice is Tian Tian Chicken Rice (Stall 10, Maxwell Food Centre).

    2. Char Kway Teow: You can’t stop Singaporeans from indulging in this high-fat hawker favorite dish. It is made with flat rice noodles stir-fried with lard (for best flavor), dark and light soy sauce, chilli, de-shelled cockles, sliced Chinese sausage, bean sprouts, Chinese chives and sometimes prawns and egg. The main thing that matters is the qualities and tastes imparted by cooking on a wok using high heat. Char kway teow will always be incomplete without the sinfully rich fried pork lard pieces. The best place to eat Char Kway teow is at a humble hawker center in the east. Hill Street Fried Kway Teow at Block 16, Bedok South Road.

    3. Wonton: Also known as “Wantan mee”, Wonton literally means “swallowing of cloud”. The dumplings with their flowy translucent skins resemble wispy clouds when suspended in soup. Most people prefers the dry version of it. For a perfect taste, the thin egg noodles need to be of the right texture, the sauce has to be well-balanced, and the pork or shrimp dumplings ought to be juicy and meaty. You can try it at your favorite Hong Mao Wonton Mee at 128, Tembeling road.

    4. Carrot Cake: Its not the sweet Western cake loaded with orange carrots but this “carrot” is more of a white radish. The making is quite simple. Rice flour and grated radish are mixed and steamed into large slabs or cakes. These are cut up into little pieces and fried with preserved turnip, soy sauce, fish sauce, eggs, garlic and spring onions. You can have it “white” or “black” (with sweet dark soy sauce added). You can look out for this cake at old stalwart Heng Carrot Cake at Stall 28, Newton Food Centre, Newton Circus Road.

    5. Chilli Crab: Chili crab is one of the most requested dishes for anyone who comes to Singapore. There are more than a dozen ways to make it (black pepper, salted egg yolk, cheese-baked, etc) but chili crab remains the bestseller. The spicy chili-tomato gravy tends to splatter, but crab enthusiasts love it so much, they’ll mop everything up with mini mantou buns. You can find it at Roland Restaurant.

    6. Bak Kut Teh: Literally meaning “pork rib tea”, is most likely coming from Fujian origin. Meaty pork ribs are boiled for hours with garlic, pepper, medicinal herbs and spices. In earlier period this is considered to be a tonic to strengthen bodies and health. These days, bak kut teh is simply enjoyed for its taste. Bak Kut Teh is most famous at Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Eating House at 208 Rangoon Road.

    7. Sambal Stingray: Singaporeans has special affection towards seafood and they love their spices. Sambal is a versatile chili paste blended with spices, shallots, candlenuts and often belachan. Sambal-coated cuts of stingray are wrapped in cleaned banana leaves and grilled to smoky perfection. The sweet, tender flesh is perfect for complex spices and barbeque flavor. Delicious Sambal is available at award winning Leng Heng Seafood BBQ.

    8. Fried Hokkien mee: This dish is yet other one which was favored by hardworking laborers of the past. Thick yellow egg noodles mixed with rice are cooked in a rich seafood stock, and tossed with prawns, squid, small strips of pork belly and deep-fried lard pieces. A small lime is always given should you prefer some tangy juice. Tian Tian Lai (Come Daily) is practically an institution in making this dish.

    9. Rojak: Rojak is actually a Malay word used to describe something made from a random mix of unrelated things. But actually it is fruit salad that bears the same name. Rojak contains mixture of ingredients like, Bite-size pieces of fruits, vegetables, dried tofu, fried you tiao and cured cuttlefish, that are tossed in a prawn paste sauce topped with crushed peanuts. Grated pink ginger buds adds a sensuous fragrance. The result is a wild mix of sweet, spicy, sour and savory flavors. It is available at Balestier Road Hoover Rojak.

    10. Bak kwa: This chewy snack is like salty-sweet BBQ jerky. Bak kwa (dried meat) is made from pork although now halal versions made from chicken exist. These squarish BBQ meat sheets are popular as gifts for friends and relatives at Chinese New Year. Bak kwa can be eaten on its own, with bread or with homecooked food. The king of bak kwa is undisputedly Lim Chee Guan at 203 New Bridge Road.

    Think we left something off the list? Disagree with our selection? Drop us a line.

    Fashionable Singapore

    Singapore is becoming one of the world’s most popular fashion hubs. It is but natural for this to happen, considering the range of apparel and accessories available here. Also, Singapore has a host of locals and foreigners ready to invest in fashion. As a result, designers from all over the world and Singapore itself put up fashion shows regularly. These shows feature world class designs and fabrics and are meant to appeal to both class and mass. There are fashion shows all year long in Singapore where latest trends in leading fashion houses are showcased under one roof.

    It is true that Singaporeans are becoming very fashion conscious. Both men and women take equal interest in looking good and presenting themselves in the best possible manner. As a result, there is a ready market available for designers in Singapore. This has given way to many fashion shows like the Audi Fashion Festival, the Asian Fashion Exchange, the Fashion Season Orchard and many more. These shows feature international designers like Vera Wang and local designers like All Dress It Up. These shows are held to accelerate the progress of the fashion industry in Singapore.

    There are two extremely famous fashion shows that happen in Singapore –

    The Singapore Fashion Festival:-
    The Singapore Fashion festival was started in 2001 and has been growing into a larger event each year. In 2009, it was replaced by the Audi Fashion Festival. However the following year, the festival was re-launched as the Asian Fashion Exchange. This event is almost four weeks long and usually has designers showcasing their Spring-Summer collections. It not only features clothing and accessories but also fashion luxuries like perfumes. The event is promoted by the Singapore Tourism Board. The extravagant event is the sole reason for converting Singapore into the South East Asian fashion capital.

    The Singapore Fashion Week:-
    The Singapore Fashion Week is another major fashion event. In 2011, the Women’s Fashion Week held in October became one of the first fashion weeks outside Paris to feature women’s haute couture. The Men’s Annual Fashion Week by Vogue is extremely popular in Singapore and is one of the favorites of those into men’s fashion. This is a seven day long event where designers hold presentations along with traditional fashion shows to promote respective brands. All leading brands make an appearance in this event to promote their work. The Singapore Fashion week is one of the most colorful and vibrant fashion events in Asia.

    In Singapore it is not just about showcasing garments and fabric on the ramp. Fashion shows are meant to bring all possible art forms together to promote fashion among Singaporeans. Latest stagecraft technology like 3D projections are employed to create a larger-than-life experience for all those who witness these festivals. In addition to that, the festivals are made more exciting with film screenings, flea markets and the likes. These festivals held in Singapore allow even design students to come forward and present their work. The fashion events are meant to create opportunities and inspire upcoming designers so that new ideas can pour into the fashion industry of Singapore and make the whole community flourish.

    Preservance of Monuments in Singapore

    Need of preserving monuments

    Monuments are the property of a nation as a whole and it is the responsibility of the nation and its citizens to safeguard and maintain them to live longer than their life. For every country, monuments form the most important part of preserving its ancient culture while promoting tourism around the world. Most of the monuments were built in ancient times and form the image of the country’s cultural, historic, traditional and archaeological importance and are of national significance. In Singapore, the preservation of monuments is officially done by the preservation of Monuments Board (PMB).

    The Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB)

    The Preservation of Monuments Board in Singapore is a national authority that is responsible to safeguard and preserve the national monuments of Singapore. This body was formed in 1971. The basic job of the PMB is to plan and research so as to extend the knowledge of the monuments to the visitors, while also helping to restore, preserve and protect the national monuments. While this is the basic work of the PMB, it also works towards promoting its monuments for tourism and increasing awareness among international and national tourists. It is also a responsibility of the Board to act as an advisory to the Government in matters that concern the preservation of the monuments. While the PMB does its regular job, it is also involved in identifying more monuments across the country which are worth preserving.

    The task

    Preservation of monuments is not an easy job for the PMB. The task of preservation involves lot of care as it is a matter of national importance and sentimental value. It is the responsibility of the board to make sure that the repair, maintenance and the restoration work is done carefully so as to not damage any of their historic or heritage value. An authority called the Monument Inspectorate was established a few years back by the government of Singapore to evaluate and monitor the state of the monuments. The inspectorate also needed to assist the PMB in advising and aiding for the conservation and repair of these historic structures. This task is done by appointing various departments so that the job is done to perfection. The job is divided based on the field of work such as operations, research and of maintaining an organized database. These jobs are done by monument inspectors and architectural consultants. The technical operations involve periodic visit and inspection of all monuments, technical support and consultancy in the restoration process and contingency inspection.

    Research for new monuments

    A lot of research is required for the job of preserving monuments in any country. In Singapore, a lot of care is taken while education is imparted to understand the importance of preservation. It is also important for the team to research potential monuments that can be considered for national importance. The research work involves understanding the story and its heritage value behind any potential structure.

    Government and People

    To restore any monument or historic building is a challenge for its nation and it involves lot of expertise, time and capital to maintain it. It also depends on the nation’s policy as to how much importance is given to its national heritage. Singapore and its people are lucky to have a government that supports its heritage and values the culture and significance of its origins. It is also important that along with the authorities, the people of the country cooperate in preserving their national treasure and take care that no harm is caused to their national property.

    There are numerous monuments in Singapore such as Caldwell House, numerous churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and museums. The efforts made by the government are really praiseworthy. Singapore knows the importance of its culture and strives to uphold it.

    Top 10 restaurants in Singapore

    Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations in South East Asia and one of the friendliest cities ever. It can offer you a great combination of cultural diversity, modern infrastructure and of course great cuisine. Wherever you are in Singapore, you can find a good restaurant as the people of Singapore love to cook, eat and serve. You can find a whole range of cuisines from South East Asian, Lebanese, Indian, French, Italian, and more. Here is a list of the top 10 restaurants in Singapore.

    1. Iggy’s

      Iggy’s restaurant offers a range of European, Asian and Fusion food and is located near the famous Orchard road. It offers a set lunch tasting menu which is a gastronomical delight for connoisseurs of food. The restaurant offers a varied menu for dinner and also customizes meals for vegetarian customers.

    2. Sam at Forest

      Sam at forest is named after Sam Leong, Singapore’s original celebrity chef who also owns a culinary salon in Chinatown. The food is as good as the inspiration behind it.

    3. Fifty Three

      It is a famous for its South East Asian delicacies like fried chicken oysters and soy powder. It is located on Armenian street and popularly known for its chef Michael Han. It is nestled in a double storey shophouse belonging to the1930s. The hotel is done in contemporary interiors and serves nature based cuisines.

    4. One Rochester

      This is one of the favorite gastrobar of Singapore, located at Rochester park area. It offers a pristine garden ambience and great interiors offering exquisite home dining experience with its mouth watering al a carte and communal menus.

    5. Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra

      Punjab Grill is one of the most famous Indian restaurants of Singapore. Located near the Marina Bay, if offers a great five-course meal for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. Try this place for spicy and finger licking Indian food.

    6. iL Cielo

      Located on Orchard Road, iL Cielo is set beside the 24th storey rooftop of The Hilton Hotel. It is a quiet and romantic place to spend a splendid evening with your loved one. The famous preparations of this place are the burrata cheese with Tuscan olive oil served with fresh seasonal greens and cherry tomatoes. You also get a Roman pizza with lobster and caviar dressing. The pizza is especially famous for being almost wafer thin and is extremely savory.

    7. The Clifford

      The Clifford restaurant is set inside the Fullerton Bay Hotel, is famous for its Sunday brunch. You can enjoy the truffle oyster shooters, crepes suzette while enjoying the view of the skyscrapers outside the glass window panes. A dinner can also be a great experience with great food and great view to enjoy.

    8. Level 33

      Level 33 is located on the top floor of marina bay financial center. Diners look forward for seats that are set under the open air terrace. It is famous for its snacks such as fish and chips, strip loin with roasted garlic and wasabi.

    9. Barnacles

      One of the best restaurants while getting soaked in the South China Sea is the Barnacles. It is an open hut like restaurant where you can enjoy the cool and fresh breeze of the ocean while having a sumptuous Sunday brunch. You must visit this place if you love sea food and must try the sea food platter. You can taste fresh oysters from the sea, poached prawns, juicy black mussels, and rockfish soup along with grilled beef, pork sausages and jumbo prawns.

    10. Sky on 57
      Sky on 57 is located on the top floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and gives a 270 degree view of the city’s skyline. You can enjoy mouthwatering delights such as Maine lobster done in black pepper sauce, gras studded xiao long bao and delicious deserts with the favorite being, pandan flavored macaroon.

    Have a mouth watering visit !!

    Recognition of MBA from Singapore

    Singapore welcomes international students

    The universities of Singapore offer a number of scholarship programs for native as well as foreign students in the management stream. Special interactive programs, student exchange programs, one year internship in international locations, tie ups with the top universities in the world and executive one year MBA programs has opened up the doors of Singapore education to the world and a healthy exchange of knowledge between countries has led to a tremendous increase in the quality of edification in the country.

    The best MBA universities in Singapore

    The MBA courses offered in Singapore are rated to be among the best in the world. Singapore Institute of Management is one of the best universities to pursue management course. National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, James Cook University and INSEAD Asia campus located in Singapore are some of the top MBA universities. All the universities offer full time, part time and executive MBA courses. National University of Singapore Business School and Nanyang Business School also offer dual degree courses in certain streams. These colleges are accredited with international certifications such as European Quality Improvement System, Association of MBAs & Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Students who study in business schools with these accreditations become eligible for employment anywhere in the world.

    Comprehensive MBA education in Singapore

    For the past two years, MBA in Singapore has experienced very high demand. The curriculum of the universities here is aimed at true global exposure and holistic development of students. This has been one of the most important reasons for students and executives from all over the world to choose Singapore as their MBA venue. Another major point in favor of Singapore is its exposure to western culture and fluency with which Singaporeans speak English. Students from the west feel at home in Singapore and Asian students gain enormous benefits due to the cultural exposure.

    Why opt for a Singapore MBA

    The main attraction of Singapore education is global exposure. With excellent world class institutes which has faculty from all over the world, Singapore promises a truly global management education. Secondly, Singapore education is not very expensive. When compared to other countries such as the United States, MBA in Singapore is positively cheap. Added to this is the fact that Singapore offers work permit for students. So, students can indulge in part time work along with their studies. Fourthly, when you get an MBA from Singapore, the employment world is wide open for you. Being a major hub for most of the multinational companies, the chances of being absorbed into a well-paying job are very high here. Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world and working in this kind of a business environment prepares a person to excel anywhere in the world. Finally, being one of the safest countries in the world, students are secure in Singapore.

    The courses of MBA offered by Singapore universities are flexible in order to cater to the requirements of students from all parts of the world. This advantage, added to the excellent strategic location of the country, make pursuing MBA in Singapore a very desirable aspect. The cherry on the cake is that MBA here is recognized worldwide. So, for a true global education, exposure and employment scope, Singapore is the best place.

    Best Universities in Singapore

    In the recent times, Singapore has grown into a much sought after place for education. The universities in Singapore are of international standards and cater to students from all over the world. Given below are some of the best universities of the country. Education in these universities implies strong employment opportunities in any part of the world.

    National University of Singapore

    One of the most prestigious universities in the country is the National University of Singapore. It offers undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate degrees in a wide range of disciplines such as architecture, arts and science, engineering, management, dentistry, nursing, medicine, music, pharmacy and industrial design. In the science stream, the university offers fifteen majors. With a mission to impart education of international standards, the university welcomes students from all parts for the world through strategic collaborations and student exchange programs. The university has collaborated with major universities of the world for research, overseas colleges, internship for students and several other programs. The aim is to aid overall growth of students such that they can compete with all reverence in the international market.

    Nanyang Technological University

    Nanyang Technological University is a research oriented university offering courses in science and technology, arts, business and entrepreneurship. For technological studies such as engineering, NTU is the best in Singapore. The university has some excellent autonomous schools such as S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, National Institute of Education, Singapore Center on Environmental Life Science Engineering and National Institute of Education. These schools are acclaimed all over the world. Naynang Business School has a very good international reputation and has been ranked among the best 50 business schools of the world. With diverse disciplines, a mission to develop students who can meet international standards with élan and a wholesome approach towards education, Nanyang University is definitely one of the best on the international arena.

    Singapore University of Technology and Design

    Singapore University of Technology and Design has a unique approach towards imparting quality education. The University provides varied courses in science, arts, technology, social sciences and humanities. The education is focused on research and development which is beyond the realms of classroom curriculum. The learning method adopted by the University is unique as well. Students are divided into small groups to aid better interaction with the faculty and among themselves. Also, optional subjects are presented only in the second half of the course curriculum so that students can spend the first half exploring all subjects and identifying their preferred niches. Project based education gives students a hands on experience on the various theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects.

    Singapore Management University

    Ranked among the best management institutes in the world, Singapore Management University is definitely one of the most prestigious for management studies. The university houses six schools which offer undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in social sciences, information systems management, law, economics, accountancy and business management. There are nineteen research institutes, an office of research and several centers of excellence. SMU is well known for providing customized programs through professional education and office of executive programs. The education offered is holistic and provides a good exposure to the commercial world since it requires a student to undergo ten weeks of internship and eighty hours of community service. The university is recognized nationally and internationally.

    There are several other universities in Singapore which have garnered recognition from different parts of the world. Some such universities are National Institute of Education, Singapore Institute of Management and James Cook University. The education imparted in these universities opens up a whole lot of opportunities in the corporate world for the students and ensures a golden future.
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