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When the winter breeze starts blowing, people also gear up to celebrate Christmas in Singapore and other parts of the world. Christmas is celebrated with fun and fervor in Singapore with almost all streets, shopping malls, churches, restaurants, hotels and public places being decorated and Christmas bells ringing everywhere. Tourists from around the world, come to visit Singapore on this festive occasion. Changi Airport is also decorated with glittering lights and Christmas trees.

When we hear the phrase "the bells are ringing in", we immediately think of Christmas Festival being celebrated with different types of bells ringing in churches, homes and streets. Bells provide a perfect atmosphere and set up to celebrate Christmas, with church bells being the most appealing, prominent and divine. Many companies in Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of the world supply Christmas bells.

New trends in Christmas bells

1. The fun key chains

The fun key chains are among the latest trends in the Christmas bells with cheerful sounds. These keychains are available in metallic color and bright hues. The bells can be attached to the keychains and the resulting sound would be fun and joy for you throughout the day.

2. Jingle bells

There are many types of jingle bells, which can be used for a variety of festive decoration purposes. From ornaments and wreaths to hanging items, jingle bells are available in different sizes. The larger bells can be hung from the tree tops, doorways and high ceilings. You can also hang it on your doorknob with a beautiful ribbon to give your house a festive look. A combination of large and small jingle bells provides beautiful view and attractive sounds to your interiors. You can also use the large bells in the flower vases and bowls to give it a colorful and fresh look. You can also provide the finishing touches to your décor using these bells.

3.Christmas Bells Hook Earrings

It is a gorgeous ornament one can wear as earrings. It comes with dancing curls and charming designs. It is a great product as far as festive jewelry is concerned.

Christmas BellsChristmas

New arrivals for the year 2013

The other popular Christmas bells available in the market for the year 2013 are:

  • Assorted Holiday Jingle Bell Keychains
  • Fuchsia Jingle Bells
  • Gold Jingle Bells(In 18 And 36 Pieces)
  • Lantern Sleigh Bells
  • Jingle Bell And Gold Filigree Ornament Spray
  • Bright Jewel Mini Jingle Bells
  • Rusty Antique Jingle Bells Doorknob Hanger
  • Rusted Look Sleigh Bells
  • Rusty Jingle Bell Candy Cane
  • Silver Jingle Bells
  • Turquoise Jingle Bells
  • Assorted Aqua Blue Jingle Bells
  • Assorted Matte Red Jingle Bells
  • Purple, Blue and Silver Jingle Bells
  • Red Jingle Bells
  • Red Sleigh Bell with Star Cutouts
  • Roman Lights Caroling Christmas Bells
  • Brass Bells on Leather Strap Christmas Door Decoration
  • Handmade Brass Bells
  • Silverplated Christmas Tree Bells
  • Musical Bells Garland with Remote Control
  • Christmas Bear Bell
  • Collectible Christmas Decoration Bell with Russian Art
  • Leather Straps Jingle Horse Bell Sleigh Bells
  • Porcelain Snowmen Dinner Bells
  • Bone China Christmas Bells
  • Metal Santa Claus Bells

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