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Christmas is the foremost of all Christian festivals that is observed and commemorated with gaiety and flourish all over the world. Christmas is also referred to as a carnival of lights as all Christian homes place different kinds of lit candles on windows. Nowadays, however churches, homes, restaurants, hotels, and indeed all public buildings in a city are lighted up with electric candles, LED lights, and digital lights making the ambience very resplendent.

Several homes still hold on to the tradition of lighting up scented candles placed in special candleholders and candelabrums during Yuletide as it is believed that the flame and fragrance of the candles brings peace and good tidings. There are many legends surrounding the custom or convention of placing lighted candles on ledges of windows and around the entrance to homes.

History of Christmas Candles

There are no historical records that pinpoint with accuracy as to when candles were used for the first time during Christmas. However, there is a widespread belief that they were originally used during the middle ages for commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. The lighted candle actually was emblematic of the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ that guided and led ‘the Three Wise Men of Magi’ to the barn where Jesus was born.

Jesus is more often referred to as ‘Light of the World’. This allusion might have triggered the usage of ‘Advent Candles’. An ‘Advent Candle’ is lighted up in a Christian home from the beginning of December. Everyday, the candle is lighted up in the evening that melts it bit by bit until Christmas Eve that heralds the onset of Christmas.  The tradition of using Advent candles were believed to have been originated in Germany.

Candles were also lit up in households in the ancient ages throughout winter solstice to mark and herald the arrival of spring. Candles are most extensively used in churches and cathedrals during the singing of Christmas Carols as a part of the candlelight services. The entire church is lit up with candles of various sizes, shapes, and designs. There is another general perception that candles were used in the beginning to adorn Christmas Trees.


Different Kinds of Christmas Candles Used Presently

Changes have come about in the trends and patterns in the use of candles during Yuletide. Originally, simple wax candles were in vogue that used to be white in colour. With the passage of time, different shapes, sizes, colours and designs of candles evolved. These candles were indeed very appealing and when they were lit up throughout, they added an afterglow and resplendence to the house.

In the present times, one can find a near endless variety of candles and candleholders for illuminating and festooning the home during Christmas. You can pick up column candles, fragrant multiple-wick candles, gleaming Christmas candles in different colours, pillar candles, birch candles, beaded candles, tin candles, glass candles, flower-shaped candles, and so on. You can source various types of Christmas candles both from physical outlets and online shops. You can add variety to your Christmas decoration by going for electric candles, traditional candles shaped like Yule logs, Santa Claus, and Christmas snowmen.

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