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Christmas Decoration Ideas

With Christmas knocking on the door, it’s time you got down to festooning your abode to ring in the festive spirit. There are almost innumerable ways in which you can start bedecking your home to mark the countdown to the D-day. Starting from the entrance to the portico and from the living room to the bedrooms to the windows and doors, you can adorn every nook and corner with choicest of Christmas trimmings.

First decide on the style or technique you’d adopt for decking out your outdoors and indoors. You can either directly buy the decorations from the market or order them online or you can go for a DIY project. You can use the following Christmas Decoration Ideas to your advantage.

1. A Perfectly Themed Entry

Lend a touch of old-world to your entrance by placing hurricane lanterns suspended from shepherd hooks on prominent niches. Give a red carpet welcome to your guests by laying a runner rug with Biblical era motifs stretching from the doorway right up to the steps. For keeping the rug firmly in place, nail it with rivets at every alternate section. Alternatively, you can use double-sided adhesive tape that you can buy from any hardware store.

2. Take the Theme to the Christmas Tree

The fir, poplar, or pine tree is easily the most prominent and enduring of all Christmas symbols. So, it goes without saying that you’d be giving an auspicious and momentous start to your Yuletide decorations by first bedecking the tree.
You can extend the Christmas theme from the entrance and take it to your tree by decorating it with tassels having double-knotted plaids. Decorative figurines of birds in blue and red peering down from comfy nests can be placed all around the tree. Hang glass balls, stars, luck charms, and other knick-knacks of different colours from resplendent strings.

3. Embellish Your Centre Table With Flowers

The dinner table or the centre-table occupies a pride of place in your home, so why not deck it up in a manner that befits it? You can place a big vase containing fresh magnolias, white tulips, red roses, dahlias and chrysanthemums in the centre of the table. You can always procure the flower bouquets from a florist or a nursery. Place glass cylinders filled with different ornamentations to add to the overall appeal.

4. Let Your Entrance Door Sparkle

Place a lush green wreath on the middle of your main door and hang garlands embellished with adornments on the edges. To add to the festive look, fasten burgundy-coloured ribbons around the wreath and garlands. Suspend loops of LED lights to give the decor a soft glow during night.

5. Let Your Outdoors Cheer Up

If your residence has a gazebo or awning, then spruce it up during the festive season with scintillating orbs, wreaths, stars and balls that glow at night. Place picnic baskets filled with decorative fruits and vegetables on the patio ledges and extensions.
6. Decorate the Interior with Colours That Go with the Decor

Schedule Yuletide decorations that supplement the decor of your rooms. Be ready to experiment with unconventional colours like beige, taupe and cream. For instance, if the furnishings and fixtures in your living room have a mild colour scheme then decorate them with trappings and accoutrements having a silvery or golden accentuation.

7. Show That You’re Environmental Friendly

Place glass jars and urns topped with twigs and branches on the mantelpiece, window ledges, and on the bookshelves. Fasten ribbons and wisps of fabric around the jars and affix flashy Christmas ornamentations.

8. Window Dressing

Hang sprigs of firs, poplars, pines, and birches on the window trellis. Place colourful birds complete with nests, vines and logs on the sill. Tie gift pouches and socks on the window grille.

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