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Christmas Kids Activities

There are different fun activities kids can perform on Christmas. We are giving you some creative ideas to try this Christmas.

Create a small world

You can make an advent tree with cardboard box. In fact you can try different things from these cardboards, cotton and straws. You can also create nativity small world with reindeers, horses, people, ducks and rabbits and set it on a ground made with straws. This miniaturized world exceptionally beautiful and is a favorite activity for kids. You can also create a Christmas Eve surprise box for your family and fill it up with gifts, chocolates, cookies, cakes, pastries and other eatables.
Make dough tree ornaments
You can also use your craft skills and make salt dough tree ornaments such as stars, hearts, cones, and triangles. You can also use colored salt dough to make these ornaments. You can take a drawing paper sheet, hand print it in different colors and cut different shapes from it. If you cut the hand shaped papers, you can use these hands (palms) to make a Christmas tree arranging these in conical shape and then pasting a handmade sunflower on top.

Make tissue paper luminaries

Now try to make tissue paper luminaries. For this, you need to take some tissue papers and print some flower designs, circles and other shapes on it. Take some transparent plastic or glass jars. Arrange these colored tissue papers with artwork printed on it on the walls of the jars. You can use some glue also to paste them. Then you can put light bulbs inside these jars. Your luminaries are ready!
Make a snowman

Get some white cotton and create snowman. The face can be crafted from white art paper, Christmas cap can be red and you can also paste a funny triangular nose on the face in red color. You can add some of your own creativity in it to make it funny and prettier.

Create attractive homemade gift tags and wrapping paper

Another idea to try out is creating a homemade gift tags and wrapping paper! Take some plain paper (large pieces of it) and also get a roll of some parcel paper (brown). Take a few cookie cutters and a small quantity of acrylic paint. Use dices or cookie cutters to dip into the paint and print the paper. Take care to use the dices with small area and which could be grasped easily by the children. You can also use toy cars as dices.
Christmas Kids Activities
This brown paper will look very attractive with printed heats and stars on it. You can also try overlapping and print it as many times as you want. The result is going to be wonderful. Kids love the “random printing” and the natural outcome of it. So, it’s going to be a wonderful activity to try this Christmas.

Wait for it to dry and it’s ready as a wrapping paper for the gifts and presents. Now change the paper and use white paper with bright green and red prints. This is also going to be a lovely wrap. You can paste it to a dark shade paper with small borders, make holes and use red ribbon to attach the gift box.

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