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Christmas in Singapore is celebrated with as much fanfare and gaiety as it is done in any country in the Western Hemisphere. Tourists coming down to Singapore during the Yuletide season get to experience a 'Tropical Christmas'. The lack of a long established and time-honoured traditional Noel setting is more than up made by the light shows and displays, night-long parties, shopping festivals, concerts, dance and musical fetes that are held throughout the city.

However no matter wherever you're during Christmas, the Yuletide spirit would be missing without the Christmas tree. Christmas trees are ubiquitous in Singapore during the festive season as you'll spot them wherever you go. You'll see them on the entrance of most outlets and malls in the shopping district of Orchard Road, Thomson Road, Serangoon Road, and Clementi Road and so on.

You'll chance across them in the homes of locals who celebrate the occasion as devoutly as any Christian. These trees are adorned with attractive gifts and presents and illuminated with different varieties of lightings. If you want to grace your home with a Christmas tree, you can pick up one from any of the stores and outlets that sell these trees.

Shopping for Christmas Trees in Singapore

One of the first things that you'd like to do to get into the festive mood is to buy a Christmas tree. The fresh and invigorating aroma of the pine or fir tree wafting in your home will constantly remind you that Christmas is just days away. Your family members, especially the children will be absolutely thrilled when you bring the tree home and will get down to decorating it immediately.

The presence of a Christmas tree also evokes all kinds of memories. You can shop for both live and artificial Christmas trees in Singapore. Every year, retail outlets, nurseries, and florists import live firs, pines, poplars, spruces, cedars, and cypresses from USA, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and many other countries with a temperate climate where these species of trees abound.

You'll find live trees in the nurseries and outlets in Thomson Road. Some of the well-known ones are Far East Flora (they've four outlets), Ikea (two outlets one each on

Thomson Road and North Tampines Drive), World Farm (15, Ban Soon Pah Road) and Corona Florist & Nursery (on 388F Clementi Road). You can pick up an artificial Christmas tree from Tangs (on 310 Orchard Road), Robinsons (260, Orchard Road and 50, Jurong Gateway Road).

Apart from that, you can source your requirement from a cold storage unit. You can either book a tree in advance or get it decorated by the retailer as per your instructions or you can buy one directly and adorn it the way you like. The live trees generally cost between $50-$200 depending on their height and size. The artificial ones, of course cost much less.

Making Arrangements before Purchasing

Before you go out to shop for a tree, decide where you'll place the tree. For placing a tree of standard size (5ft-8ft) the height from the floor to ceiling should not be less than 12 feet. If you're intending to put heavier decorations, go for a fir tree. For light to medium-weight adornments, a pine tree would be apt.


Place the tree in a bucket and fill it up with water. Keep it in an area that is well-shaded and sheltered from the strong rays of the sun and wind. Water the tree daily. With good care, your tree will certainly last for at least six weeks.

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