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Singapore Travel » Events Festivals » Deepavali in Singapore » Deepavali Bazaar in Singapore

Deepavali Bazaar in Singapore

Deepavali Celebrations in Singapore
Singapore being a veritable cosmopolitan city-state where numerous ethnic communities co-exist in perfect harmony springs to life with renewed zeal and vigour during any festive or religious occasion. One such occasion is ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepavali’-the grandest and the most celebrated of all Hindu festivals. The term ‘Deepavali’ which literally means ‘a row or series of earthenware lamps’ is celebrated with pomp and gaiety by the Indian community in ‘Little India’. The festival is held to commemorate the victory of good over evil where light takes over darkness. There are many legends surrounding this religious festival. The festival also culminates with the ending of the harvesting season in India.

All roads lead to Little India during Deepavali
Little India where the Indian community in Singapore is basically concentrated becomes a hotbed of activity during Deepavali.
Traditionally, homes, shops and streets all used to be lined up with earthenware lamps filled with oil. However, modernity has brought about a total change in the manner in which the occasion is celebrated. If you land up in Little India during early November (the time when Deepavali is held), you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see everything around you lit up with colourful and dazzling lights.

People of all age groups are busy putting up festoons and banners throughout the area and bursting firecrackers. Different cultural programs and festivities are held for about a week. Celebrations are mainly held in Serangoon Road and Campbell Lane. Shops and outlets in markets in different areas of the city sell almost everything from brocaded saris to jewelleries to Indian craft items and artefacts. You can whep your appetite by savouring on a variety of sweet dishes and delicacies.

The temples of Sri Srinivasa Perumal, Sri Vadiapathira Kaliamman, and Sri Veeramakaliamman in Little India are thoroughly lit up with different kinds of lights and lamps.  Serangoon Road looks like a bejewelled necklace at night. Shops in Campbell Street sell bright Indian dresses, handicrafts, and jewelleries, and many other knickknacks. You’ll be simply bedazzled and impressed by the lighted festival themes and decor along the crossings of Bukit Timah Road/Serangoon Road and Lavender Street/Serangoon Road.

Deepavali Bazaars and Festivals
You can shop for almost anything from spices to saris in the Deepavali bazaars in Little India. Be sure to catch the ‘Utsav’ festival which is perhaps the most spectacular of all events and occasions held to mark Deepavali. The Deepavali Countdown Concert is another stunning event that should be a must-attend on your itinerary. You can also consider taking part in Switch-On Ceremony marked with musical soirees and dance performances. The Navarathri Festival held in Sri Mariamman Temple is equally stunning and mesmerising to behold. The Singapore International Deepavali Shopping Festival usually held in the Singapore Expo Hall 5B during the month of September for about 5 days is a mega exposition where one can shop for lifestyle, wellness, healthcare, and beauty and an almost unending array of exciting products. Many cultural and entertainment programs are also staged to herald the onset of Deepavali.

So, if you time your Singapore sojourn during the festive occasion of Deepavali, you’ll be able to cherish the memories for a long time to come.

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