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Singapore Deepavali Gifts

Deepavali, one of the major festivals of the Hindus, is celebrated every year with much enthusiasm and vigor in almost all parts of the world. Singapore is also no exception.

The most happening part of this Deepavali festival is that children and adult members of the family come together and join hands to decorate their house with oil lamps during the evening time.

Moreover, Deepavali is also a time to exchange gifts with friends and family members. The popular shopping destinations in Singapore, particularly Little India, which is a cultural neighborhood in Singapore

There are different and unique gifts available in the market that can be given to others on Diwali festival.
featuring cultural elements of India, remains crowded with people busy buying Deepavali lights and candles, sweets and various other gift items for their loved ones. There are several Singapore Deepavali gifts that you can gift to your loved ones and make this Deepavali a lifetime memorable event.

Singapore Deepavali Gift Ideas
Deepavali is celebrated with great fun in Singapore. The entire picture of Singapore changes during the time of Deepavali. Are you still thinking about what gifts to buy for your near and dear ones? Then just glance through some of the popular Singapore Deepavali gifts and decide what you are going to present to your loved ones on this auspicious occasion of Deepavali.

  • Deepavali special diyas and lamps: Beautifully designed diyas and oil lamps will be a perfect gift for your loved ones on the occasion of Deepavali.
  • Gel candles, floating candles and golden spiral candles: You can also think of presenting different types of candles like gel candles, golden spiral candles and floating candles.
  • Fire crackers: Fire crackers are an ideal gift on this festival of lights, particularly for the kids. They would really love to burn these crackers on the evening of Deepavali.
  • Deepavali cards: Sending beautiful Deepavali cards to your near and dear ones is also something you can think of as a way of expressing your love and wishes. It has also become possible to send e-cards within fraction of a second to our friends and family members who are staying at far-off places. Thanks to the advent of the Internet which has made this possible!
  • Dry fruits and sweets: Exchanging sweets on occasions is an age-old tradition. Deepavali is also no exception. Different types of specially packaged dry fruits and sweets are available during Deepavali which you can buy and present to your loved ones.
  • Chocolates: Chocolates are something that kids would love to have. If you are looking for gift items for your kids, you can simply buy varieties of chocolates wrapped in beautiful wrappers and present them to your kids.
  • Deepavali door hangings: You can also think of gifting beautiful Deepavali door hangings embedded with idols of Lord Ganesha and other religious items.
  • Traditional dresses: Traditional dresses like saris and dhotis are also perfect Deepavali gift ideas.
  • Gold and silver ornaments: Fashionable jewelries made of gold and silver are also ideal gift options for your loved ones during this Deepavali.
  • Gold coins: Gold coins, particularly those bearing the image of Lord Ganesha, is a perfect gift particularly for those who have a religious bent of mind.
  • Flowers: Flowers do express a lot of things in a silent manner and hence it is a perfect gift for any type of occasion. Hence you can gift it to your friends at the time of Deepavali.
  • Kitchen appliances: Our mothers, the real home-makers, would love to be gifted with kitchen appliances; hence go ahead and present them some kitchen appliances.
  • Deepavali puja gift items: You can also gift a lot of Deepavali puja gift items like incense holder made of brass, Lord Ganesha brass bells, framed Lord Ganesha and Deepavali puja thali, to name a few.
These are some of the Singapore Deepavali gift ideas which you can think of gifting to your loved ones this Deepavali. So just go ahead and buy these gift items for your loved ones and celebrate Deepavali in Singapore fully with your friends and family.

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