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Halloween in Singapore 2013

Halloween, an introduction

In the United States, Halloween is celebrated by families, where young and old people wear costumes and pumpkin carving. Streets and houses are decorated and competitions are held to award the cutest and most devilish costumes, or houses. Celebrations of Halloween include visiting haunted cemeteries and joining street parties on October's last night.

Halloween in Singapore

However, in Singapore, Halloween is mostly an affair of youngsters and kids, who make it a party festival. The party hot spot is Clarke Quay, which is considered to be a popular party venue and most of the Singaporeans flock towards this party district to engage in weird activities. A major drink festival is organized and youngsters can be spotted wearing the most horrible and funny clothes they could find. If you are one of the most adventurous kinds, you can head towards the well-known haunted places such as Chua Chu Kang cemetery and Singapore Changi Hospital.

Who is making Halloween popular in Singapore?

Halloween is being made more popular by returning nonresident Singaporeans, who have been brought up in the US or Europe. More and more kids are found to be crazy to celebrate Halloween in Singapore in the recent years. Traditionally, the Halloween has been celebrated as an exciting festival and event for youngsters and kids. Children become extremely enthusiastic to get dressed up in weird devilish costumes and seek fun in collecting volumes of “sugar”.

Celebrate it with caution in the nanny state

In Singapore, however, you should exercise a little caution, as fine maybe imposed upon you for “tricking” someone, especially if your kids are visiting the housing and development board (HDB) blocks to enjoy “Trick or Treat”. The angry citizens and ladies can also ruin your happiness. However, there are certain spots you can always bring your kids to in Singapore to celebrate Halloween uninterruptedly.

Halloween hot spots for Kids:

A. JWT Kids Gym UE Square

This year JWT Kids Gym is going to host the first Halloween kids’ party, where makeover photo sessions would be organized along with many other events, which would be fun to celebrate for the kids. Step-by-step instruction would be provided to children to learn popular ‘Thriller” dance routine from Michael Jackson's famous album ‘Thriller”. A themed dinner would be hosted in a Harry Potter “Hogwarts” style. Kids would also get a chance to watch G rated movies and magic shows. They can also take part in fun relay races.

It would be a kids-only extravaganza, where they can have fun till they get tired and drop-off. You can bring your kids along to JWP Kids Gym on 30th of October, 2013 (Wednesday) to UE Square Branch at Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore at 5 PM.

The event would last till 10 PM. The tickets are $90 each. Kids of four years and above are allowed to participate in the Halloween celebrations.

B. Go-Go Bambini

Go-Go Bambini is the place, where children can enjoy a truly exciting time, as the party organizers at Go-Go Bambini leave no stone unturned to make it exciting and memorable for the little kids.

So there are endless opportunities to have fun in Singapore at Halloween this year. All you have to do is to go through these articles to find the most happening places, where you can make the most of your Halloween.

Singapore Halloween Gift Ideas

Halloween in Singapore is not restricted to kids alone. So do not miss this opportunity of spreading Halloween cheer among your near and dear ones with some of the best Halloween gifts. Have a look at some of the gifts that you can present to your loved ones on the occasion of Halloween in Singapore this year.

  • Corny Halloween Pillowcase
  • Ghostess With The Mostess Apron
  • Glow-in-the-Dark trick or treat Bag
  • Haunted House Custom Plaque
  • Pumpkin Patch Embroidered table Runner
  • Pumpkin Smile Puzzle
Halloween in Singapore
  • Pumpkin Patch Custom Frame
  • Halloween GANZ Teddy Bear
  • Halloween Brew Mug Set
  • Chocolates, Cookies and Candy
  • Spooky Halloween Gift Set

Singapore Halloween Party Games

Have a look at some of the Halloween party games that you can play.

  • Find and Build a Scarecrow Game (Challenge)
  • Clock Hunt
  • Halloween Secret Message (Word Puzzle)
  • Halloween Story Game (Creative game)
  • Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt (Challenging game for adults)
  • Halloween Bingo Card Generator
  • Halloween Movie Master Game (Riddle game for adults)
  • Guess the Ghost (Guessing game)
  • Halloween Candy Hunt (Game for young children)
  • Broomstick Witch Hunt (Game for young children)
  • Halloween Corners (game for all ages including young children)

Singapore Halloween Costumes

Have a look at some of the Halloween costumes for kids as well as adults.
Halloween Kids Costumes

  • Clown and Mime Costumes
  • Angel and Fairy Costumes
  • Animal and Insect Costumes
  • Fairytale Costumes
  • Geisha Costumes
  • Witch and Wizard Costumes
  • Devil and Demon Costumes
  • Ghoul and Skeleton Costumes
  • Game Costumes
  • Devil and Demon Costumes
  • Greek and Roman Costumes
  • Rapper and Singer Costumes
Halloween Adults Costumes

  • 20s and 40s Costumes
  • 50s Costumes
  • Doctor and Nurse Costumes
  • 80s Costumes
  • Biblical Costumes
  • Walk-about Deluxe Costumes
  • Vacation and Hawaiian Costumes
  • Primitive and Prehistoric Costumes
  • Geisha Costumes
  • Angel and Fairy Costumes
  • Cheerleader and Sports Costumes
  • Gothic and Vampire Costumes

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