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Singapore Travel » Events Festivals » Halloween in Singapore » Halloween Horror Stories

Halloween Horror Stories

One of the most popular occasions of rejoicing and having enormous fun is Halloween. This haunted night of Halloween lets you experience some unique and real scary experiences.

There are several activities that symbolize the festival of Halloween, like watching horror movies, or narrating scary stories, ghost tours, tricks and pranks, costume parties and many more.

Halloween horror stories are one such haunted attraction of the celebrations of this popular event.

It is a popular phenomenon that narrating Halloween scary stories is one of the most attractive activity that actually helps in filling up the entire mood with excitement.

Horror Halloween Stories
There are a number of scary Halloween stories written by well renowned authors. But what is most important is how the story is narrated.

The proper way of narration can change the entire mood or atmosphere of Halloween.

In this page you will find some very popular Halloween ghost stories and the names of their authors. So, select any one and use them in order to transform the Halloween celebrations night into a true nightmare experience for your guests!
Halloween Horror Stories
  • Uncle Frankie by Anitra Freeman
  • The Night Bus by Anitra Freeman
  • Not to Mention the Elephant by Anitra Freeman
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  • The Witches by Roald Dah
  • James by Roald Dah
  • Draculaís Guest by Bram Stoker
  • Wedding by E. Nesbit

Perfect Halloween Ghost Stories
There are certain points which you must remember while narrating a scary Halloween story. For instance, if you are narrating a story to the little ones, you have to be extra careful. It is quite natural that you donít want to scare the little ones with some silly horror stories and at the same time you also want to get the little ones into the mood of the fun of Halloween celebrations.
So, for the kids it is advisable to select those stories that are from the horror genre but are humorous as well. Narrate those Halloween ghost stories to the little ones that have a funny aspect attached with it. On the other hand, you need some real horror stories in case your guests are teenagers. So, you have to be particular to select the right kind of story for creating a perfect mood for Halloween.

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