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Singapore Travel » Events Festivals » Halloween in Singapore » Halloween night in Singapore

Halloween night in Singapore

Halloween is regarded as the day of fun and excitement. It is a day that is not only meant for the kids but is also meant for the grown-ups.

Halloween is a secular event that is celebrated on 31st of October all over the world. This day is defined as an unforgettable and unique day of the year.

People believe that Halloween night is the night when all the bad spirits, vampires, witches and ghosts come to earth and scare the people. It is the night of skeletons and witchcrafts and all such activities that actually make this night an eventful and rocking night.

Halloween night in each and every country is filled with numerous activities. Similarly, Halloween night in Singapore is as eventful and offers you a number of opportunities to enjoy this night to the fullest.

Singapore Halloween Night

This special night lets your imagination fly. It is commonly said that Halloween night is simply incomplete without some lavish parties; this concept is almost equal to bread without butter. People forget about everything and completely get involved in this night of witchcraft and spooky parties. Halloween is the season of devils, horrors, frolics of the witches and other similar haunted activities. People wear some funny but interesting costumes to maintain the mood of Halloween. Several restaurants and pubs of Singapore organize parties to make your Halloween night more eventful and happening. The decorations of Halloween night in Singapore are really superb and that will give the scary feel of this eventful night.
Halloween night in Singapore

Singapore Halloween Night Events

The events of Halloween night in Singapore will help you in starting the Halloween celebrations with a bang. Some of the popular events of Singapore Halloween night include

  • Dinner parties
  • Night Safari
  • Visiting haunted places of Singapore
  • Halloween theme based parties
  • Horror movie shows

Night Safari is regarded as the most wonderful and horrified event of Halloween night in Singapore.
During this night safari you will get to experience some of the haunted places of Singapore. People make it a point to visit the popular haunted places of Singapore on Halloween night. Several guided ghost tours give you the opportunity of exploring some haunted places like Changi Beach, East Coast Resort, MRT Station, and more.

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