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Singapore Travel » Events Festivals » Halloween in Singapore » Places to visit for Halloween in Singapore

Places to visit for Halloween in Singapore

Halloween is popularly described as a secular celebration that is observed on 31st of October.

It is observed in most parts of the world. Several unique and some spooky activities are regarded as the symbols of Halloween.

People visit the popular haunted places, watch horror movies, arrange some horror theme based parties, wear some interesting costumes, narrate scary ghost stories and play horror tricks and pranks, etc. in order to maintain the scary mood of Halloween night.

These ghostly activities actually symbolize Halloween. Among all these activities visiting some real haunted places is considered as the most interesting idea of celebrating Halloween.

In Singapore, there are several places, which you can visit on Halloween. In this page you will find the names of places to visit for Halloween in Singapore.

Singapore Places to Visit for Halloween
Everyone wants to maintain the true ghostly and scary mood of Halloween night and for that they try out different types of activities. Given below are the names of popular haunted places of Singapore to visit for Halloween; just check them out and make your plans accordingly on the night of 31st October –

Places to visit for Halloween in Singapore
  • Changi Commando Barracks and Changi Prison

  • Changi Beach House – It is said that at this place people can experience that one ghost goes around and slaps people.

  • Tenant House – People can hear the scream of a woman here, which is really scary.

  • Old Ford Factory

  • Nee Soon Camp White House – Here, people can hear some deadly ghost sounds.

  • Hill View Mansion – It is another most haunted place of Singapore.

  • Dairy Farm House – However, history of this place is unknown to the people. But, here you will find some real scary activities happening.

  • Old Changi Hospital – This place has a long history. It was initially a military command quarters of the British era. Since, 1997 it is left vacant and now is popular as a haunted place in Singapore.

  • Woody Lodge

  • Pasir Ris Red House – People say that there is a scary rocking chair with a doll inside this house. Here, one can feel some real scary haunted activities.

  • Kampung Cult Lair

  • East Coach Beach –People say that here one can experience the presence of wandering ghosts.

  • The Cemetery – There are several popular haunted stories and incidents associated with it.

  • St John Island

  • MRT Station

  • Punggol Kampung House or Matilda House


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