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Singapore Travel » Events Festivals » Halloween in Singapore » Halloween Props Ideas

Halloween Props Ideas

Halloween is the time to celebrate, the time to engage in lots of fun and entertainment with your loved ones.

Celebrated on October 31 every year, people of all ages actively participate in extreme fun and merry-making during Halloween.

They buy gifts, wear beautiful dresses, enjoy dining and wining with their family and friends at some of the finest restaurants, or even throw a Halloween party at home. The choice is ultimately yours.

Just as accessories can make or ruin your entire costume effect, in the same manner, Halloween props can help you in completing your scary and spooky look during this haunted celebration night. So just have a look at different types of Halloween props.

Types of Halloween Props
With every passing year, the demand for Halloween props is showing an upward trend. Nowadays, different types of Halloween props are available in the market. Just have a look.

Scary Halloween Props: There are several scary Halloween props available in the market these days. Have a look at some of them.
  • Hanging Melting Flesh Skeleton
  • Blood Butcher Intestines
  • Hanging Skeleton Bride
  • Hanging Hang Man
  • Shaking Mummy Cocoon Man
Halloween Props Ideas
  • Haunted Girl
  • Walking Wolf Prop
  • Chained Spinning Pirate Prop
  • Pumpkin Horror Prop
  • Standing Zombie Prop

Animated Halloween Props: Have a look at some of the popular animated Halloween props.
  • Animated Suspended Skeleton
  • Animated Shutter Kit
  • Chuckles Clown Animated Prop
  • Tombstone Jumper
  • The Haunted Drum
  • Animated Winged Vampire
  • Death Blow Animated Prop
  • Fat Zombie
  • Shivering Mummy Animatronics
  • Barrel Buster Haunted House Prop
Homemade Halloween Props: There are some props which you can make at home. Just have a look at some of them and make one on your own on this Halloween.

Collect some old and worn out clothes like for instance shirts and pants. Then fill them with sheets of other clothes, torn into strips. Then scatter them everywhere in your balcony. It will look like dead people or dummies lying everywhere.

Creepy cobwebs can act as scary prop. Keep strands of thin and delicate threads just above the entrance way. Light your home with dimmed light, if possible, with red or black bulbs, to heighten the scary effect. This will make your guests feel that the cobwebs are brushing their arms and faces and they would not understand that they are just strings and not cobwebs.

You can also think of drawing some witch and ghostly figures on the poster board. Draw them, cut the figures out with the help of craft knife, and hang these scary figures from trees planted in the front balcony or from the window sill.

Just cut cardboards in different shapes and write some scary messages with black paint. After the paint gets completely dried, outline the letters with “glow in the dark” paint and hang them at the entrance or the porch in front of your house. These scary messages will definitely scare your guests. Try it out on this Halloween!


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