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Chinese Horoscope 2013

The Chinese Lunar calendar is regarded as the longest chronological record in history. It dates back to 2637 B.C at the time of introduction of the first zodiac cycle.

It takes 60 years to complete one full cycle and comprises five cycles of 12 years. The 78th cycle has already started in February 1984 and will come to an end on February 2044.

There are 12 animals assigned to each of the 12 years. These animals are Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Rooster, Horse, Boar, Ram, Monkey and Dog.

The animal which rules your year of birth has deep influence on your life.

The Five Elements of Chinese Horoscope
During the period of 60-year cycle, each of the animal signs, also called as 12 Earth branches, is combined with five elements as follows:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fire
A primary part of Oriental philosophy is the interrelationship between these five elements. The interrelationship is categorized as Controlling and Conducive interrelationships.

The entire universe is made up of these five elements. Hence they are dependent on each other and one is controlled by the other. Thus, we observe that:
  • Metal controlled by Fire: We all know that we can melt metal and forge it with large amount of heat.

  • Fire controlled by Water: Water helps to quickly put out fire.

  • Water controlled by Earth: Canals are being continuously dug for the purpose of irrigation.

  • Earth controlled by Wood: The roots of the trees help in holding the soil together and get their minerals and nutrients from the earth.

  • Wood controlled by Metal: You can cut big trees with the help of the metal blade of an axe.

Hence, as per this philosophy, we observe that none of the five elements can be called as weakest or strongest. All of them are dependent on each other and are equal. Each of them has their own function and place.

We get Water from Metal: Here, metal may imply a vessel or a container for the purpose of holding water. Hence, we can conclude that metal traps
  • water. From another perspective, metal is an element which changes into a liquid on heating.

  • We get Wood from Water: Water, in this context, implies the dew or rain which helps plants to grow and thus produce wood.

  • We get Fire from Wood: Fire can be produced by burning wood.

  • We get Earth from Fire: Fire can reduce each and everything into ashes, which again becomes a part of the Earth.

  • We get Metal from Earth: All the metals are extracted from the earth.

12 Animals of Chinese Horoscope
Let us look at what each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac sign signify.
  • Ox: Ox people are very simple but on the other hand, they are clever and hard working.

  • Tiger: The Tiger people are very competitive and they are not afraid to fight. They are born leaders and their greatest fault is that they are not broad minded and are very suspicious.

  • Rabbit: These people are happy, ambitious and know how to attract people’s attention. They fit very well in social gatherings as they can easily mix with all types of people.

  • Dragon: These people are extroverts, highly imaginative, and provide valuable advice to others.

  • Horse: These people can deal with monetary issues very well. They are hardworking, independent and try not to take advice from others.

  • Ram: These individuals are pessimistic, a bit hesitant, but are at the same time very charming, gentle and wise. They have a religious bent of mind and have expertise in music and art.

  • Monkey: These individuals are clever and mischievous.

  • Roosters: These people love traveling. They are diligent, deep thinkers and totally dedicated to their work.

  • Snake: These people are very charming, passionate, well informed and also a great lover. They always try to achieve success in whatever they do.

  • Boar: These people are very honest and sincere. They are usually well informed and crave for knowledge.

  • Dog: These individuals are very honest and loyal and they can become good leaders in business.

  • Rat: Those individuals who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign Rat are usually funny, witty, clever and have a pleasing personality.

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