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Chinese New Year Symbols

The Chinese New Year is related to several customs and symbols. All these Chinese New Year symbols have their own importance and have a deep influence on our lives.

The Chinese New Year symbol usually displays the dates of Chinese Lunar Calendar and Gregorian Calendar.

The Chinese dates are printed in Chinese numerals and the Gregorian dates in Arabic numerals.

List of Chinese New Year Symbols

Quickly glance through the Chinese New Year symbols.
  • Flowers: Flowers are a crucial element of Chinese New Year decoration. The two flowers which are widely associated with Chinese New Year are water narcissus and plum blossom.

  • Lai-See Envelopes: Also referred to as Hong-Bao, money is kept inside these envelopes and given to young adults as well as children during the time of Chinese New Year celebration. Exchanging gifts between families is also an age old tradition on Chinese New Year.

  • Lucky Character: The word “FOOK” or fortune is usually kept on display in several homes as well as stores. These words are usually written on red paper shaped as diamond with the help of a brush. This is regarded as a lucky Chinese New Year symbol.
  • Plum Blossoms: Plum Blossoms is a Chinese New Year symbol which signifies hope and courage. Hence it is regarded as an important Chinese New Year symbol.
  • Spring Couplets: Spring couplets are usually written on red paper with black ink. These couplets express your best wishes and good fortune for the year ahead. These Spring couplets are hung in front of stores in the month before the day of Chinese New Year and are usually kept for two months.
  • Tangerines, Oranges, Pomelos: Tangerines are a symbol of good luck and oranges signify wealth. Hence, tangerines and oranges are regarded as important Chinese New Year Symbols.

  • Tray of Togetherness: There are several families who keep a tray of sweet, candies and dried fruits to welcome the relatives and guests who visit their homes. These trays are called chuen-hop or “tray of togetherness.” Traditionally, this Chinese New Year symbol had eight compartments and all these compartments were filled with a special food item that signifies the importance of New Year season.

  • Water Narcissus: This Chinese New Year symbol is a mark of fortune and good luck. If the white flower happens to blossom on the day of New Year itself, then there is a belief that it symbolizes good fortune for the following twelve months of the year.

  • Chinese Zodiac: In traditional China, the rotating cycle of twelve animal signs is a technique used for naming the years.

Last Updated: 14-01-2013

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